1 Cheers to
the students who left anonymous positive notes on the lockers of Camdenton  Middle School students. We need more people like you with the right attitude.

2 Cheers to
schools in area that started this week. We hope you have successful and positive school years.

3 Cheers to
the Village of Sunrise Beach for working with MoDOT to implement a widening a Highway 5 through next year.

1 Jeers to
thieves who continue to steal flags and now signs from Horseshoe Bend. The street signs are costly to make and stealing from the village only makes it worse — not to mention dangerous — for everyone who lives on the bend.

2 Jeers to
the people who don’t pay attention to motorcyclists on the road. Another motorcyclist died this weekend. Please, let’s prevent these deaths from happening in the future. Keep your eyes out for motorcyclists and share the road responsibly.