It was splashed all across the national news media, the recent shameful display of an imbecile rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia.

It was splashed all across the national news media, the recent shameful display of an imbecile rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. This rodeo clown made his way to the center of the arena and simulated shoving a broom handle up the president's rectum while the idiotic announcer asked the crowd, "Would you like to see a bull attack Obama?" All of this in front of an unsuspecting crowd of fairgoers including men, women and small children.

 Of course the news media had a field day showcasing this disrespectful, unpatriotic and shameful display of disgraceful behavior. Once again Missouri was all over the news for embodying ignorance, bigotry, prejudice and what is perceived by the rest of the country as downright stupidity. This latest incident served to once again reinforce the nation's embarrassment for a state known for being backwards in its thoughts, deeds and actions. 

 Believe me I am the first to defend the individual's rights, freedom of speech, but this is completely unacceptable and we Missourians should be ashamed over this public display of ignorance. I am tired of being embarrassed by fools like this one who certainly does not represent the state, the residents and especially me. I am tired of constantly apologizing for our lawmakers, our local/state governments and I especially resent making apologies for disgraceful idiots like this rodeo clown.

 The Republican Party, the Tea Party, religious factions, Conservatives and the Right always claim to be the party of resurrection for "Diminishing American family/political values." So what (pray tell) message does it send to America when folks act like this rodeo clown? What type of example are we setting for Missouri's children when we disrespect a sitting president in this fashion? Anyone on the right condoning such contemptuous behavior is in my mind a complete hypocrite of the tallest order.

 I have said it before and now I say it again, this type of behavior is not patriotic, it is not acceptable protesting, it is freedom of speech run amok and it is in fact unpatriotic. I disliked President George W. Bush, President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush Sr. My disdain for these presidents was enormous but I would never applaud them being treated in effigy as was recently the case with Obama at Missouri's State Fair.

 I was having dinner at the Chateau Du Pape in France (the famous winery which produces the famous product by the same name) when a group of German tourists approached me and said, "Get rid of Ronald Reagan!" I was in Mexico having lunch one time when a group of Canadian tourists began criticizing then President George W. Bush. In each case I defended both presidents to these foreigners and I took offense to their verbal assaults of MY president. Regardless of my personal dislike of these men, I feel I have the right as an American citizen to criticize my president but I'll be damned if I will sit by while foreigners criticize MY president. If I were standing in a crowd of onlookers and some assassin attempted to shoot the president of the United States of America, I would throw myself in front of the attacker's bullet without hesitation in order to protect him from harm (this includes Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and George W. Bush).

 I say that regardless of whom is the president, he or she is our president during his or her term(s) in office and is due respect/loyalty by every citizen. I say this is what it is to be an American patriot. I say that patriotism should be more than a word, it should be exemplified through actions. I feel this rodeo clown in Missouri owes an apology to every resident he disgraced by his completely imbecilic behavior which unfortunately was displayed to the world. I say that this clown should have rammed the broom for real on himself without the Obama mask, only in this way could he make amends to the state of Missouri so embarrassed by his outrageous and childish act of stupidity.