I am a person who has a tendency to fall on the unsentimental side of things; in fact Ryan says that I can be ruthless. Now, don’t misunderstand me- my house is NOT a model of Scandinavian minimalism and Ikea design, but I am definitely not a saver. I come from a long line of people who live by the adage, “if you don’t use it, get rid of it”- and that is pretty much what I do. However, I have to say lately; even my non-saver soul is re-evaluating this lifestyle choice!

Here at City Hall we have been watching Your Money’s Worth move to its new location across the street from us, one wagon or handcart at a time. There is some pretty amazing stuff rolling down the sidewalk every day- and it almost makes me want to take up collecting. While that is probably not going to happen, I do have a renewed interest in checking out all the wares and finding the perfect unique gift for someone.

Now the Antique Mall isn’t the only place that is selling treasures downtown- at Never the Same, Laura Vollmer and her crew are craftily repurposing and redecorating someone’s discarded furniture and goods into must have products. Also, recently opened is Attico across the street from us. Owned by another collector, Attico boasts a large collection of unique items that can adorn book shelves or tables or you might even find you kitchen table over there!

Period Pieces Antiques ran by Mark Gabel has fantastic furniture for any house. Mark has collected through estate sales and auctions and now is selling his finds. Of course all these Boonville Pickers have a great eye and with the popularity in “picking” through TV shows like American Pickers and Antique Road Show, these folks are Boonville trendsetters (and putting us non-savers to shame for not recognizing entrepreneurial opportunity). Finally, your last opportunity for finding antique items is Gramma Sophie’s! She has some great kitchen decorations, dishes, knick knacks and more that make perfect conversation starters for your home.

I may not be a saver, but I think I have found something awesome at all these antique stores in Downtown. Next time you are in the mood for finding something a little different, check out all that these stores have to offer. Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!