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Cardinals struggling against top teams
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By Dennis Miller
July 31, 2013 1:30 p.m.

48 hours and three games ago the St. Louis Cardinals were one and a half games ahead of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Central. Today they are in second place in the NL Central one and a half games behind the Pirates and have lost six games in a row. Not only that but the Cardinals best hitter and quite honestly best player Yadier Molina will most likely be placed on the disable list today with a knee problem. This could not have come at a worse time as the Cardinals bats have been very quiet as of late, they only managed to score a single run in 20 innings of baseball yesterday. This is the absolute worst time for them to be in the midst of a slump as this stretch of games is very critical. They still have two more games with the Pirates and not only do they need a good start from Adam Wainright tonight but they also need their bats to come alive again. The Pirates are playing with a lot of confidence right now and the Cardinals are playing like a team that is running on fumes. The loss of Molina is a huge blow and other players are going to have to step up and assume a stronger leadership role both on and off the field. It’s certainly not to the point where we need to panic but we do need to be concerned because as I said before these are the teams the Cardinals will need to beat in the playoffs and they are not beating them and that has to change.
The Kansas City Royals keep on winning and hitting the ball well and moved one game over the .500 mark last night in defeating the Minnesota Twins. The Royals certainly aren’t out of the race in the Al Central but they aren’t gaining any ground either. My feeling is they will finish the season pretty much where they are right now which given the heightened expectations going into this year that has to be considered a disappointment.
As of this writing the Truman State Bulldogs football team are participating in their first Great Lakes Valley Conference Media Day. One thing that is very obvious from reading about the way the GLVC put this day together is that they are a very fan friendly league and have gone out of their way to involve the fans as much as possible. I really like the way the GLVC put this day together and if that is any indication of things to come then it’s just another example of Truman State making the right decision.
By now those of you who watched Extreme Home Makeover Weight Loss know that FKS client and Truman graduate Chantell Johnson was revealed on last night’s show. I can’t say enough about Nate and Veeve Holtz and the job they have done starting FKS Training and the work they do within the community. In a very short period of time they have become a valuable asset to this community on many different levels. If you are really serious about training whether it be sport specific training, weight training, cardio training, and/or nutritional counseling you owe it to yourself to check out FKS Training and their find facility and staff. I guarantee you will be glad you did.
We’ll be back on Friday with another blog looking at all this weekend’s sports action and hopefully talking about a Cardinals winning streak. Thanks as always for checking out this blog and please do the same for all the great blogs on this site.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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