There is something about a new baby (and a hint of royalty) that makes every girl dream (and every mom remember) the day she held her little baby after it almost killed her coming out.

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response to a My View column by Eric Dundon titled “Things I find more interesting than the royal baby” published in the Tuesday, July 23 Lake Sun.

The life of a school teacher in the summer is pretty pleasant.  I get up, survey the messy, but organized living room, grab a cup of coffee and head out to the porch with my cup of Joe with my dog, Joe.  He lays in the sun and I read up on the daily news — careful to quickly discard the advertisements for school supplies — which means the end of my hiatus and back to spending time with other people’s  children.  Trust me, I love my job and I love my husband.  I am completely blessed to have a job I love.   But there is something about a new baby (and a hint of royalty) that makes every girl dream (and every mom remember) the day she  held her little baby after it almost killed her coming out.  So it was no surprise to me that Mr. Dundon (author of “Things I Find More Interesting Than the Royal Baby”) was a Mr. and not a Mrs., Miss, or Ms. 

Make no mistakes – Dad’s love their kids.  I get that!  I have a great dad and I am blessed to see a great dad every day in my own husband. But when it comes to love, romance, and babies — you have to give it to the ladies to get giddy and excited.  You see, my sister and I stayed home from school the day after Princess Diana married Charles.  This is because we stayed up and watched the royal wedding live at 2 a.m.  in 1981. Let me tell you, it measured up to everything a girl could dream of!  That gorgeous dress, the long train, the amazing church!  It was as if a storybook came to life and we were there to witness it happen!  I grew up watching Diana change the rules of marriage in England. I watched her raise her own babies.  I watched and dreamed of what her life was like and I watched and watched, and watched. Come to think of it, I watched her the rest of her life.  Another baby. Divorce.  Scandal.  Love and an untimely death. I watched as her sons, and the world, mourned her loss.  And one thing I remember about that day — being royalty wasn’t what was important.  First and foremost, she was a mom. 

That point didn’t hit home until I had a baby of my own.  Not in the Lido wing, of course — but very similar in small and big ways.  I went through this thing called “labor” which is actually an initiation into a very elite club.  An older and much wiser friend once told me that giving birth is the closest thing to death that you’ll do without dying.  She. Was. Right.  How do you love something that causes you so much pain?  We curse the pin that sticks us. We throw down the file folder that gives us a paper cut.  Why on earth do they even hand women this “thing” that has caused us so much pain after a grueling labor that could make even a princess cry out in pain? 

Well, it’s pretty simple.  It’s called love.  Unconditional, 100%, love-you-like-nobody else love.  You can’t touch it, hold it, or look at it.  It can’t be bought, or stolen or killed. Whether you’re royalty or common folk from Camdenton….doesn’t really make much difference. Once you’re in the club, you’re in for life.  You’re a mom.  You now share an experience with moms everywhere.  The details may look different, but the experience is unexplainably the same.  And I hate to say it guys — it’s a woman thing.  Once you get that you’ll understand why we get so weepy at the first cry of a newborn; why we smell the tops of babies heads and why we get “that feeling” every time we hold a baby.  It’s all a reminder that we are “lifers” in this mom club.  And we are so excited and sentimental to see Kate become a member with us. It makes us remember. That’s why we watch.

I’m sure my husband wants me to go back to work soon – and the calendar is telling me it’s almost time.  If I’m lucky enough… perhaps I’ll get to see him get married.  Maybe even have a baby.  Then I can say I’ve watched him all of HIS life!  Whatever the case may be, don’t worry.   I’ll be watching for the fairy tale to continue.....