A Kingdom in Missouri! The Callaway County was organized in 1820 and named for the grandson of Daniel Boone, James Callaway.

A Kingdom in Missouri! The Callaway County was organized in 1820 and named for the grandson of Daniel Boone, James Callaway. Captain Callaway was killed when he and his group of Rangers were ambushed by Native Americans in 1815. Today, the ambush area and grave sites are on private property.

Populated by German immigrants and the northern southern states, Callaway County is considered to be part of Missouri’s Little Dixie area. By 1860, the slave population of the county was 25 percent of the total inhabitants. Legend has it that the southern-sympathizer folks of Callaway County wanted to be a “Kingdom” of their own and not part of the Union statehood. Their county flag has a crown in the center with a red lining across the crown representing the “blood shed by the citizens of this county in the War Between the States.”

Throughout the county, there is much history within its heritage. Early steamboats, railroads, historic communities and homes, early wars activity, as well as interesting and important ancestral heritage can be found. Visitors today find traces of history past as well as modern-day communities. The old wine industry has been revived; there is an active nuclear power plant, plus a vast array of industry and businesses throughout the county.

In 1825, Fulton became the county Seat. The city was voted the fourth Best Place to Live in Rural America by Progressive Farmer Magazine. Some of the town’s best known sites include: The National Churchill Museum, the Auto World Museum, William Woods University and Westminster College.

In Callaway County, check out the Nostalgia-Ville USA store on Highway 54 at Kingdom City. Nostalgia depends on your age. Turn back time to your favorite era! Inside the store can be found everything from key chains to costumes, nostalgic tin signs, and many more fun items.

The Crane Museum is at exit 161 off of Interstate 70. Anyone that is looking for something to do that is fun, interesting, entertaining, and educational will want to visit Crane’s Museum and Shoppes in Williamsburg. Many of the collections are displayed in vignettes such as the general store, school days, farming, toys, and others. The beautiful 1844 carousel horse stands regally near the early “filling station” complete with early Chevy cars and vintage gas pumps. Travelers can contact Kingdom of Callaway Chamber at info@callawaychamber.com for more travel ideas.