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I'm Gonna Be A PRO
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By Sally Poole
Sally Poole is the owner of Poole Communications, with offices in Hannibal, Marshall and Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She is very ...

Sally Poole is the owner of Poole Communications, with offices in Hannibal, Marshall and Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She is very involved in Hannibal and Quincy, IL., with memberships in the Chamber of Commerce, Hannibal Arts Council, Affordable Community Education, Lions Club and Rotary. She has helped in the fund-raising campaign to build a Hannibal campus for Moberly Area Community College. Currently she is helping to start the Hannibal Chamber Business Development Committee.

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By Sally Poole
July 23, 2013 12:01 a.m.

In fourth grade we lived in Holly Park, which is part of the Seattle Housing Authority. We just called it “the projects.” Mom dropped out of high school and was recently divorced with four kids. We really didn’t mind at all. We had tons of other kids to play with and learned all kinds of new things.
One of our neighbors and my best friend was Tonya. Her mom would iron her hair in the morning to straighten it. My sister and I would beg her to iron our hair too. We liked it because it made our hair warm. She’d just laugh at us and iron our straight hair too.
Tonya’s brother, Mike was a lot older than us and was a complete mystery. He would bounce his basketball all the time and tell us frequently, “I’m gonna be a pro.” We had NO idea what on earth he was talking about. We tried to find out what a pro was. We even asked adults, but out of context, they had no idea either. You have to remember this was in the 1960′s. Professional sports had not yet become the big business it is today – well, not that we were aware of anyway.
Years later I realized Mike wanted to be a pro basketball player, make good money and have respect.
It got me thinking that maybe we should encourage our young kids to become a pro. Professionals at something – anything! It would encourage them to work hard on their dream career, practice, maybe go to college or a trade school that they hadn’t considered before. To shoot a little higher (pardon the basketball pun) for a larger goal.
I had no idea what I would do with my life when I was in fourth grade, but I’m proud that I became a pro in my field. I hope Mike became a pro too. I wish all of our kids could grow up to be pros, earn the money they want and get the respect they’ve dreamed of.

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