QUESTION: Now that the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial has had some time to sink in, what are your reactions?

QUESTION: Now that the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial has had some time to sink in, what are your reactions?

Jury did their job, but Zimmerman was wrong

While I believe the law was followed and the jury did their job at the end of the day we are left with an unarmed 17-year old boy on his way home shot dead simply because he "looked suspicions" and an over-zealous neighborhood watch volunteer refused to take the advice of the police.
There is little doubt had Mr. Zimmerman minded the police Trayvon Martin would still be alive.
Everything I have read about the Neighborhood Watch program stresses volunteers being "eyes and ears" to inform police. It appears to me they are not allowed to carry guns.
It is incomprehensible to me that Mr. Zimmerman could ignore these two directives, kill a minor, and suffer no consequences.
How many of us parents have stressed to our children not to talk to strangers?  How many of us would have advised our 17-year-old in a similar situation just to "keep walking home"?  It was concerning enough as a parent of two white young males, I can only imagine the complications of black young males in our society.
We will never know how the confrontation was initiated and who escalated it into a fight to the death, the survivor's story is the only one we are left with.
But it strikes me as a terrible waste of human life that the state of Florida can allow such a loss with no consequences whatsoever.
It would seem at a minimum that Mr. Zimmerman should answer for his failure to follow the dispatcher's order to stay in his car.
The one thing we can know for sure that had he do so the young boy would be alive and the police would have sorted matters out more peacefully.

Craig Bischof

Non-existant race factor added

The trial has been used to further Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. The media has made it worse by continuously adding a race factor that wasn't there. Now we have the Attorney General Holder using the outcome as if the justice system failed, and Trayvon Martin's family can't even  begin to truly heal from this because of the media coverage.  The Obama administration needs to stop using this for their personal agenda. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson need to get off their soap  boxes.
The media needs to start with only reporting truth.  Justice is blind to color. This was not a racial profile. This wasn't a hate crime. This was a tragedy where both parties made poor choices, and one person lost his life.  If Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were truly for the  African American or Black American community they would be focusing on solving the issue that in the inner cities young black males are killing each other at an alarming rate.
Yes it is alarming when in one day 50 people are killed in Chicago, and the majority were black males and these were not race crimes.  As a mother I can imagine the fear that parents must have for their children who live in Chicago.  Why aren't Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson there working in these areas to stop this senseless loss of life? The reason media doesn't cover this.  Al and Jessie aren't given the opportunity to rant on national news about the injustice.  They can't ride the race train through town. If they can't link it to race, and show people the need for the NAACP, the donations might actually slow down and they might find themselves facing a pay cut.

Nancy Steward
Linn Creek

Time to move on

I think the media "leftist" does much rabble rousing to generate readership. Like...."let's you and him fight so we can watch." The Zimmerman thing is over, the jury spoke. Let's move on and see what cause the media chooses to exploit next.

Hal Anway
Lake Ozark

Evidence shows self-defense

If you saw the pictures on TV of the wounds, cuts, gashes and injuries on the head of George Zimmerman, how would any reasonable person react to stop what was obviously a matter of life or death?  What comes to mind are such sayings as “do or die”, or “it was either me or him.”
 At this point in the altercation a polite request was out of the question.  I would surmise that any reasonable person would pursue any means possible to save their life.  If you were carrying a gun on your person, only a fool would not use the only means by which you could save your life.  I suspect that when this assault was being inflicted upon George Zimmerman he was not worried about racial discrimination or political correctness.  My educated guess would be that he was more worried about self preservation.
I would be remiss if I did not express my disgust with the media.  Whether intentional or not, whether inadvertent or not, the flames of racial discord and conflict were certainly fanned and encouraged.  If you don’t believe that, ask the good Reverend Al Sharpton.  

Larry Magill
Sunrise Beach

One juror may have swayed voting

I watched this trial off and on and so I was surprised at the outcome. I was amazed to learn that the first vote by the jury was reported as at least one vote for murder two and two votes for manslaughter. It would be interesting to hear from those jurors what or who caused them to change their minds.
Having served on a few juries, I know how one strong juror can sway some others on the jury. We may find out if that was the case if the Justice Dept. is able to interview the four jurors who disputed the statements made by the one juror who was interviewed on CNN.
I fully expect there will be a civil suit filed naming the home owners or owners of the complex where the killing took place as well as Mr. Zimmerman. That may shed more light on the case as M.r Zimmerman will not be able to refuse to testify. It seems inconsistent with common law that the instigator of a confrontation can then avail himself of a self-defense plea if he comes out on the short end of the fight.

Francis Carr
Sunrise Beach

Public pressure influenced outcome

Public and political pressure should not have been allowed to influence this situation. The local police chief lost his job because he felt a charge was not warranted. A costly trial presented facts and evidence and innocence was determined by a jury. Now there are charges of malfeasance against the prosecutors. A States Attorney employee was fired because he blew the whistle on the prosecution. Nobody wins. A young man died and George Zimmerman’s life will never be the same.
The demonstrating and rioting is not going to change the verdict. The attorney General is railing against the “stand your ground” law which was never even a factor in this case. And it’s sad that Rev. Jessie Jackson and television commentator Al Sharpton continue their 1960s civil rights rages. Their actions do not bring harmony — instead drive a wedge as they attempt to prove they are still relevant. They say nothing about all the murders in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and other major cities. Where’s their outrage for those?

Greg Stageberg

Race relations are on the decline

In my opinion, race relations in our country have deteriorated exponentially the last six years. The claims of racism are used any time an objection to any behavior or breaking of laws by those of another "color" to which we find objectionable are brought.
The act itself is not considered, just color of skin. Except of course "white crackers or honky's" can't claim racism even when beaten, maimed and cursed by the opposite color.  I watched the Zimmerman trial from start to finish. After the erroneous and defamatory charges, by the radical media labeled him white, then white hispanic. What?  
Mr. Zimmerman was aware that his neighborhood had a rash of burglaries and break-ins. He would have observed any unusual behavior as anyone would have. If he had not been attacked and punched and overpowered this would not have escalated. Yes, a teenager who happened to be black is dead.
I guess the media would have ignored the story, (White-hispanic) male found dead in neighborhood in darkest night of a skull crushed like a melon on the sidewalk. No suspects identified, no reason known. A white journalist was beaten severely, a white jogger was beaten "for Trayvon," a hispanic man was beaten "for Trayvon." Rioting, destruction of property and thievery by mobs all over the country "for Trayvon." This is racism.  
Mr. Zimmerman would be dead if he had not acted. His and his families lives are destroyed and endangered  forever because of racism, not because he wanted to protect his neighborhood from criminal acts by people of any color or race or ethnicity. The media and certain groups will not let this go away, even though the background and behavior of the victim was hidden from the defense. This was and remains political from the top down.  And by the way, the victim looked a lot like my nephew "Mr. President"!

Brenda Goodman

Jurors came to correct decision

Based on the evidence presented in a court of law, the jurors came to the right decision in acquitting George Zimmerman.  If the tables had been reversed, I would hope the same outcome would have been applied. In reality, this case should never have been prosecuted.  For some reason, liberals —and particularly the liberal media — were intent on getting a conviction to support their liberal narrative that this was a racially-motivated crime.  Why?  One can only imagine, but it's likely to support the liberal agenda and the Democrat Party.  
Even Gatehouse Media had to grace their editorial pages with simple-minded cartoons castigating the verdict.  And ABC'S George Stephanopoulos looked like a potted plant listening to the drivel from a liberal unhappy with the outcome of the trial. The Constitution clearly outlines the right for due process of law.  Our laws also allow for a person to defend himself by all means necessary if his life is being threatened or from being inflicted with bodily harm.  As tragic as the loss of any life is, Trayvon Martin could have walked away and it would have been over.  Instead, based on the evidence, he chose to attack Zimmerman.
 Race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson only serve to divide this country.  Eric Holder should be impeached for the his pathetic representation of the highest legal office in the land.  Yet here he is, fanning the flames of hatred for the very Constitution he was sworn to uphold and of the country we all share.  Hundreds of black teens have been killed in the last year in Chicago, Obama's hometown.  Chicago has some of the strictest gun enforcement laws in the country. The media barely mention this.
 Eric Holder wants to have an honest dialogue on race?  I say, man up, Holder.  Look at what liberal policies have done to the black family.  Many of these kids grow up in fatherless families.  Many of them have been born out of wedlock.  Many of them grow up living on welfare and then become the second, third or fourth generation to continue the trend.  Most of these kids struggle from the time they are born. The solution is not to bash those that have worked hard for a living, be they black, white or hispanic.  That's the liberal mantra.  Life is about choices.  The solution is to pull your pants up, look for a better way of life and instead of whining, get out and make a better life for yourself and your family. This country affords more opportunities than any place on the planet.   
 When I see how the major media and liberals do everything they can to support the agenda of one party instead of doing what's right for the country, it sickens my stomach.

David Creel
Four Seasons

Surprised by acquittal

Due to the non-stop media attention given to this trial, it almost felt like we were right there in the courtroom.  I wish George Zimmerman no harm but I was surprised at this acquittal.  
To the Martins' credit, they have chosen to take the high road but all of Trayvon's new post-mortum friends have not.  Obviously, we have not made much headway since Rodney King.  All I can say is that if you reverse this situation and have Trayvon being the gunman and George being the victim, would the public outrage be the same?  We have a long way to go.

Lisa MacConnell
Linn Creek