Traffic, traffic, traffic.

Some of it is going too fast on Horseshoe Bend, and some of it stalls at major intersections on holiday weekends. And it has some residents of the Bend concerned.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.

Some of it is going too fast on Horseshoe Bend, and some of it stalls at major intersections on holiday weekends. And it has some residents of the Bend concerned.

Rollin Pochop, a resident of the Village of Four Seasons, kicked off the discussion about traffic when he asked the Village Trustees for help in figuring out how to regulate speeding on Kays Point. He said he realizes the Village doesn't have any jurisdiction in the matter, but wondered if the issue could be addressed with the proper authorities.

He said that commercial vehicles (some owned by the Horseshoe Bend Road District) are often the worst offenders, sometimes speeding nearly 50 miles per hour in the 35 mph neighborhood.

Trustee Carolyn Loraine brought up the speeding issue as well near Case Point and Linn Creek roads. She's nearly been hit several times, and backing from driveways is nearly impossible because of speeding vehicles.

Village Trustees Gordon Ellison suggested installing a large mirror in areas where motorists can't see oncoming traffic.

Village officials said they would visit with the Road District and Camden County Sheriff's Department about the issue.

Traffic jam

Opening of the Highway 54 Expressway through Lake Ozark and Osage Beach has relieved the huge weekend and holiday traffic jams of past years, but the problem has now shifted to Horseshoe Bend.

Pochop said he is appalled at the inability of officials to control traffic on the Bend, and at Bagnell Dam Blvd. and Horseshoe Bend Parkway, as visitors leave the area on Sundays and holiday weekends. He said traffic by late morning Sunday, July 7, was backed up from the stoplights at Bagnell Dam Blvd. to Bittersweet, a distance of several miles.

Loraine said she noticed similar problems Sunday.

Opening of Rt. 242 from Bagnell Dam Blvd. to the Expressway has helped with traffic flow once people get through the intersection. However, motorists coming off Duckhead, Carol and Cherokee roads as well as farther out Horseshoe Bend Parkway are creating the traffic jam. Pochop said his daughter refuses to come back to the lake because of the traffic issues on the Bend.

Better regulation of the traffic lights and the possible use of officers to manually direct traffic were suggested.

"I agree, it's a deterrent," Loraine said. "The issue is getting people off the Bend."

Pochop said although he doesn't have a solution, "something has to be done. The solution is not flashing lights. That would be very confusing. I'm asking for your input. I know you're not responsible, but if you can talk to somebody on the Road District, that would be helpful.

The Road District and the Camden County Sheriff's Department, which monitors traffic in the area, will be contacted. CCSD Cpl. Jimmy Elkin, who attends the Village meetings, said he would discuss the issue with his command staff.

Flag thieves

Ranita Jones, who with her husband places flags along Horseshoe Bend Parkway each holiday, continues to be frustrated with the theft of flags. Two more were stolen over the July 4th Weekend.

"That's a total of four for the year," she said.

She asked for ideas on how to prevent the thefts, and encouraged Village officials and others to report suspicious activity. Only she and her husband in their maroon Nissan Murano place and remove flags along the Bend.

A flag at Bank Star One near Duckhead Road apparently was stolen. Village Clerk Tom Laird said his neighbors observed someone drive up to his dock on a PWC recently, walk up the dock and walkway to steal his flag.

Other business

•It was noted that work on rebuilding a portion of Waters Edge Condos damaged by fire last year will begin soon after a contract was approved between the condo association and the contractor, with the city's blessing on meeting building standards. The work should take between 17 and 19 months.

•Turnout at a recent contractors meeting with Village officials was well attended and educational. There had been concern raised by some contractors about new rules adopted by the Village last year, and the meeting was set up to clarify the information.