Getting older hasn’t really been a big deal for me.  When I turned 30, I really didn’t have a hard time with it like some people do and when I turned 40, again I really didn’t have much trouble with the number.  Of course I wish I still had the body of my 20 year old self or even my 30 year old self for that matter but age is just age.  I am trying to grow old gracefully and I am thankful that the good Lord has seen fit to let me be another year older….but lately, things have been happening that comes with getting older and I am not sure what to think about them.  I will spare you most of these things, for your embarrassment as well as my own!  But the thing that is bothering me of late is the seeing things up close, or lack thereof.  What is up with that?  I am a researcher, I look things up, I Google it on the internet, and I read about it, so when I started having this problem naturally I started my research.  The thing I am talking about is called hyperopia or farsightedness.  In my not so professional language it’s called - things looking like a big blurred blob when they get close, like reading a pill bottle or trying to thread a needle or having one of the kids shove something in my face and say “mom look at this”.  These things are becoming impossible for me to do up close, I have to pull it way back to see it and even then, it’s not so good.  I was trying to paint my own fingernails the other night and had to hold them out to see them.  And driving at night is the worst, everything is blurry and the lights from oncoming vehicles mess with my ability to see. 

I have worn glasses or contacts since I was in my 20’s for distance, so not being able to see things at a distance I am use to, but this new turn of events with not being able to see things right in front me of me is needless to say…frustrating!  My kids call it GETTING OLD, but to them I am ancient anyway.  The first couple of times it happened I bought a pair of the lowest strength reading glasses and had to silently apologize to my good friend back home that I make fun of because she has a pair of reading glasses in every room and her car.  I now know what that is all about.  I now have to wear them to thread a needle or read small print.  They do give me a headache if I wear them too long; I am hoping that will go away with time.  And luckily, they are cheap!  Not like having to buy a pair of regular prescription glasses.  I am an avid reader and I am not looking forward to the day of having to wear reading glasses all the time, but for now I am okay with reading as long as I don’t hold it too close.  And so what that the font on my cell phone is big enough for the man in the moon to read, at least I can see it! 

So, as I approach this stage in my life, called middle age…I will have to deal with the changes.   If life didn’t throw a little change at us from time to time, it would be boring.  I will accept the farsightedness but I am not quite ready to hang a pair of reading glasses around my neck permanently!  I came across a quote by Ronald Reagan recently about middle age, he said “Middle age is when you are faced with two temptations and you chose the one that will get you home by nine o’clock".  That is so true! 

Have a happy rest of your week!