The Versailles Tigers' youth football camp went off without a hitch, drawing in a strong number of kids in its very first year.

Kids from grades K through 6 were given instruction in all elements of the game by Versailles' new head coach Broc Silvers and his assistants. Campers were walked through all of the basic techniques, like learning how to throw the ball properly and working in basic stances before being put through drills to work on agility and strength.

Silvers and his crew also gave the kids a chance to learn multiple positions on the field, giving each kid a chance to do quarterback, running back, or defensive roles.

Throughout the camp, the kids competed with smiles on their faces, as they thoroughly enjoyed the fun drills the new coaching staff had come up for them.

"We've really enjoyed it," Coach Silvers said. "The whole idea of camp is trying to see more faces and more kids, and give them a chance to meet us. We don't get down to the middle school as much as I would like, so this is really our one opportunity to really see them. We're very happy."

The coaching staff focused on a new aspect every day, working on offense the first day, defense the second, then trying some training drills.

"We always try to have fun," Coach Silvers said. "We spend half of the time with instruction, the other half doing some fun competitions."

And judging by the tired (but still smiling) faces afterwards, Coach Silvers and his crew accomplished their goal.