Get a different perspective on the lake this summer with a view a little closer to the water than your average water craft.

Get a different perspective on the lake this summer with a view a little closer to the water than your average water craft.

Super Dave's Paddle Craft Adventures opened at Franky & Louie's Beach Front Bar & Grill this summer offering rentals of stand up paddle boards, kayaks, kid kayaks, canoes and paddle boats.

Dave and Lisa Bertels decided to start the venture after trying paddle-boarding in Florida where they live during the winter months. The sport is one of the fastest growing recreational activities globally.

"In a boat you're high up in the water and it's about the thrill. With paddle-boarding, you're down low and closer to nature. Plus, it's a great core workout," says Lisa.

Similar in look to a surf board, a paddle board takes balance from core strength to stay on the board and not go in the water.

Believe it or not, some people do yoga on paddle boards. In fact, Lisa plans on taking a course over the winter in Florida to be able to teach yoga paddle-boarding next summer.

But paddle-boarding is not just for the athlete.

Super Dave's has different levels of boards. With the kayaks, canoes and paddle boats, they have something for everyone.

"Everybody thinks it's going to be so difficult, but it's just a matter of introducing them to it. And we have a perfect cove here for entry level paddlers," Lisa says.

The large no wake zone cove off of the main channel where Franky & Louie's is located provides optimum waters for beginners.

There are basically three levels of paddle boards available at Super Dave's - entry level boards, an intermediate inflatable board and the more expert level board that they call the Big Kahuna.

Paddle-boarding is a hit with kids as well who usually pick it up quickly after a short lesson on paddling, Lisa says.

Dave calls the area on the shoreline side of the docks where they're set up the "duck pond."

The sheltered location is a great spot for kids to safely paddle around in under Lisa's direction. Young children aren't allowed to go out into the cove without someone who is at least 12.

At 12 years of age, Dave and Lisa's daughter Lauren often provides this service if no one else is available and parents want to relax at Franky & Louie's.

For kids, it feels like an adventure, but still has the protection of a sheltered location and oversight from Dave and Lisa. Life jackets are a requirement of course.

"Kids are always thrilled with it, and mom and dad are impressed when they do it because it looks difficult," Lisa says.

Smaller children also enjoy the tiny kid kayaks, and adults may also prefer to a seated turn around the cove in a kayak.

There is something for everyone at Super Dave's.

Often the parents will join their kids for some family time on the water. Some race each other while others like a quiet paddle or exploring the shoreline.

For large groups, they recommend renting one of their five-passenger paddle boats for "troop transport" out in the cove and a couple of paddle boards for everyone to share, helping keep the cost down.

Dave has been splitting his time between the Lake of the Ozarks and Fort Myers, Fla. for 24 years after moving to the lake area from Illinois 28 years ago.

In addition to the paddle craft venture, Dave also works as a nighttime waiter at The Fish & Co.