1 Cheers to
Camden County Circuit Judge Hayden's latest decisions in two recent cases including Morris McCabe and Robbie Gene Skokowski. Since taking the bench, Hayden has made fair judgements.

2 Cheers to
a safe and relatively calm holiday weekend and to the tourists who made Lake of the Ozarks their fourth of July holiday destination.

3 Cheers to
Columbia College Lake of the Ozarks campus for organizing a food drive for CADV after reading the Lake Sun's recent story focusing on the shelter's food shortage.

1 Jeers to
individuals who continue to dump animals without having them spayed or neutered. Local animal shelters are at capacity and are having to turn animals away. Spaying or Neutering the animals is the responsible answer to this issue

2 Jeers to
Governor Nixon for not taking action on Representative Rocky Miller's beach testing bill. Miller has taken strides to help the constituents in his area. It is a shame that the Governor is not allowing him to do so.