The little lost dog has returned.

  Sunday evening Mrs. Schell glanced out her kitchen window and saw none other than Benji waiting to be let in. He had been missing for 6 days. Apart from a few ticks he seemed to be in good health - no signs of dehydration or malnutrition one might expect to find after a week. In fact it's unlikely a small animal could survive without water in the heat of this past week.

  Benji's leash was gone and he certainly did not remove it himself. So where has he been? Did someone find him wandering alone and decide to keep him? Did that person not think that someone was missing their pet and try to locate the owner? If so he or she must have come from outer space because hundreds of people were involved with the search or were following the posts on Facebook.

If you're out there reading this blog, just know we are grateful you did the right thing in bringing Benji home. The Schells are very happy to have him back safe and sound.