A number of years ago many folks and especially conservatives rejected outright the facts brought to light by former Vice President Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth." The movie showcased the phenomenon known then as, "Global Warming" and now referred to as Climate Change. His film suggested that the earth's normal climate trends were in fact being accelerated by man's burning of fossil fuels at an alarming rate. He suggested that without a drastic shift in the world's approach to the environment changes which would normally occur over thousands or tens of thousands of years would now happen more rapidly. His film was based on the best science available at the time and he consulted with the leading scientists studying the world's ecology / global environment.

The film not only presented the world in its current state at the time of its filming but also made some alarming predictions for the very near future. The forecast for the planet's future was both shocking and for many completely unbelievable. It was so stunning that many refused to believe it and dismissed the facts as they were being presented by the film out-of-hand. The film did at the very least begin a global debate about man's responsibility to the earth's future health.

Unfortunately Mr. Gore's film resulted in very little cooperation among all the nations of the world. Some countries began independently doing their part to cut down on their fossil fuel consumption and the use of alternative energy sources while the vast majority ignored the film's warnings completely.

An Inconvenient Truth told us among other things that the polar ice caps would begin melting at an alarming rate. It said that the earth would experience an increased warming which would result in hotter summers and colder winters. The film predicted that violent weather would increase in both number of incidents and overall destructive intensity. Specifically it stated more frequent and intense melting of glaziers, rising seas, warming ocean temperatures, droughts, tornados, hurricanes, forest fires, floods. The affects of these weather patterns would result in the erosion and disappearance of the world's shorelines. Future shortages of water, decreased food production, increased food prices, increased demands on the nation's power grid, drastic increases in skin cancers, increased destruction to live's and property. Most frightening was that if something wasn't done these trends were irreversible and no one could accurately predict the end game for our world.

Faced with the facts that everything foretold in Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth has become the world's reality, finally President Obama has just decided to implement rules on this nation to begin seriously combating "Global Warming" or "Climate Change." He is doing it by Executive Order without the support or approval of congress. He believes (as I do) that this congress could never reach a consensus on such a, "Hot Button Topic" such as global warming. He knows (as I do) that even though he has the right to do so as decided already by the Supreme Court of the United States of America, every contributor to the global warming problem will file suit to stop him for doing what is right for the world. Obama knows that greed trumps what is right and necessary every time.

This one act by President Obama may be the most courageous act of his presidency. I say that when faced with the facts that this country has had the hottest ten years ever recorded and that everything predicted in the Inconvenient Truth has come to fruition he had no other choice. Those that will not admit to the truth, deny the undeniable facts or simply would choose greed over personal responsibility must be protected from their own ignorance. On this one the president is right on and I say doing what is right is hardly ever easy. The president is doing exactly what the leader of the free world should do (I just wish he would have done it sooner).