I had the opportunity to tour one of the cottages at Loch Haven Nursing Home this week.  I had been to the grand opening and had went through the one that did not have residents in it yet, but this time I got to tour the cottage that had residents and was up and running.  First I will say the cottages themselves are beautiful.  It does not feel like a nursing home at all, very warm and inviting and more like your own home.  We were given a very detailed tour and I was very impressed with the whole concept of the cottages.  We also got to visit with some of the residents.   There was a very nice couple in particular that we visited with and we appreciated them taking the time out of their day to talk with us. 

After the tour of the cottage I had a meeting inside of the main quarters of Loch Haven.  I had only been in the front doors of the nursing home before and I was kind of dreading it.  My grandmother was in a nursing home the last days of her life and even though she was taken care of, I always disliked it and she did also.  I am a “smells” person, I associate smells with certain memories and the smell of a nursing home, the disinfectant, hospital smell, reminds of that time.  When I walked in the front doors and passed down the hallway I was struck first that I didn’t smell the “nursing home/hospital” smell and second, it didn’t look like a nursing home!  All the hallways were decorated very nicely, I passed by two lovely dining rooms and most of the resident's doors had some type of decoration on them. 

I have always thought that when someone does a good job or you are impressed by something you should tell the person.  So with that said I think that the administrators and staff at Loch Haven are doing a great job, the cottages are very impressive and the nursing home itself is very well maintained, clean and inviting.  There are times in our lives when we have to face that we can’t take care of ourselves or others and Loch Haven has made me think differently about nursing homes.   So good job Loch Haven!  Keep up the good work!