The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen has moved forward with the purchase of some new equipment for the Public Works Department.

The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen has moved forward with the purchase of some new equipment for the Public Works Department.

But it decided to have the sewer pump truck repaired rather than buy a new one.

The board authorized the purchase of two trucks from Machens Ford for a total of $60,714. With beds, plows and spreaders from Knapeide Truck Equipment in Jefferson City the total cost is $109,636.

Public Works Director Matt Michalik offered several options to the board at a May 28 meeting, but aldermen rejected the proposals and asked him to return with less costly options.

Board members are concerned about the cost, especially buying new rather than having the old equipment repaired. Michalik told the board May 28 that the existing equipment is in poor condition and would costs thousands of dollar to bring them up to usable standards. He doubted if the old equipment would make it through another winter.

"I just need a decision one way or the other and we'll go with it," he told the board this week.

He said delivery on the new trucks could take up to three months, and adding the equipment possibly another two months.

Custom Truck & Equipment (CTE) in Kansas City will buy the old trucks outright for up to $12,500, according to Michalik, depending on vehicle condition and time of trade-in.

One of the concerns was how to finance the purchases.

City Administrator Dave Van Dee said in a memo to the board that operational cash flow up to $115,000 is available without any impact on the city.

Estimate to repair the sewer pump truck is $14,900 and to repair or replace the pump could be close to $5,000. The board authorized spending up to $20,000 to repair the pumper truck. Cost of a new unit would be $91,950.

Emergency generator

The city moved a step closer to buying an emergency generator for use during power outages.

Police Chief Mark Maples and Michalik were asked at the research the cost of generators that would do one of two things: Power only the police department or power the entire city hall.

The issue came up after the PD was without power during a storm in May. Lake Ozark residents were not able to call dispatch during the down time.

Costs of a new generator ranged from $36,745 for a smaller unit to $84,612 for a large unit.

The board asked for information on a unit that would at the minimum power the police department, and to review ways to fund the purchase.

"We need to provide our citizens with a way to call us in an emergency," one alderman noted.