1 Cheers to
the workers at the Junior Police Academy for teaching students at a young age the risks of drinking and driving.

2 Cheers to
Camdenton Superintendent Tim Hadfield for acting with sense and grace when presented with the difficult circumstance of alleged cheating. In the end, the district might end up looking better for your professional handling of the situation.

3 Cheers to
area athletes who are improving themselves at various camps this week.

1 Jeers to
the pair of people arrested on narcotics charges. Again we don’t know why you can’t be productive members of society.

2 Jeers to
Brian Adkison, who, after being on the run for five days, was finally caught at the 40 mile marker. If you had turned yourself in, you would have saved yourself from additional trouble, ended the community’s worries and stopped the drain on resources. Instead, you chose to act like a coward.