What the cook added

A Camping Experience & A Camp Cook

          We trekked, we fished, we had a campfire, we ate s’mores, we did crafts, we were rained on (just a little), we had cold showers ( water heater in the GIRLS cabin was out for one day), we had a talent shower and we played games.  Overall, last week at 4-H camp included all the basic requirements of a memorable camping experience.   The campers were awesome and fun to work with.  The counselors stayed up late to ensure everyone stayed in their cabins and were up early to get everyone moving. 

          A major difference though was the camp cook.   Katie, our cook this year, is a young college student. She planned great camp-food menus of hobo meals in foil over a campfire, build your own tacos, chili and cornbread make in Dutch ovens covered with coals, caramel rolls for breakfast and Surprise! - chocolate chip cookies for after the talent show.   Meals were hot, on time and with ample servings for campers hungry after a game of “sharks and minnows”.  During which game I was always caught.  The new seasoning Katie brought to camp was that she is majoring in elementary ed. with a minor in music and LOVES kids!

          Meals were served with a dash of humor.  She would place one solidary grape on the plate of camper and then dead-pan, “move along you’re holding up the line” only to quickly replace it with a bunch of grapes and a laugh.  After only one day of meals, the campers anxiously hoped they would be the one in line that Katie teased.  Campers on kitchen duty wiped tables and swept floors to the tune of some silly rhyme Katie knew and shared.  She remembered names – without looking at name tags, asked who had kept who awake all night, shared her stash of knock-knock jokes so everyone had a part during the talent show and as soon as dishes were done ran out the back door of the kitchen to join the game of sand volleyball.

           Thank you Katie for the spice you added to camp – you were more than just a cook.