No one, including President Nixon, has diminished the presidency more than Barack Obama.

Editor’s Note: This opinion is in response to the Lake Sun E-Board on national scandals published in the Friday, June 14 Lake Sun.

In the June 14 paper Mr. Francis Carr of Sunrise Beach states that blaming every problem on the White House is wrong.

Mr. Carr then continues; blaming the Obama administration for for all these ongoing scandals is diminishing the the presidency. Mr. Carr, you are so right. No one, including President Nixon, has diminished the presidency more than Barack Obama.

The Obama White House has accomplished nothing save the atrocious heathcare bill he and Nancy Pelosi shoved down our collective throats in the dead of night telling us that we would have to pass it before we would know what is in it. Pure, corrupt lies by both he and Ms. Pelosi.

Our country right now is being taken over by these radical left wing liberals. The first item on their agenda to destroy the United States as we now know it is to remove firearms from our citizens. The next is the government takeover of the healthcare system. This creates 12,000 new IRS investigators (Obama's private army). The next issue is to destroy any political opposition. Next, continue to drive the country into bankruptcy now it’s getting easier to establish one-party rule under a very questionable, mysterious, secretive radical (Obama).

How about the total, absolute denial of all these five scandals? Why would Obama not want to expose the culprits and correct the situations in order to get this country back on track? Let me tell you; he will never admit that he has made monumental mistakes as then his lack of knowledge and experience would be further exposed. All this from a low-level Chicago politician.

A community organizer who has never held a real job, never ran a business and has no clue as to what America is all about. He has proven repeatedly to be a world-class liar who spouts all his insincere rhetoric in public and the never follows through. Yes, folks we have a very dangerous man at the helm of our beloved country. Everyone needs to wake up and become vocal about how this president and the other radical extremists in his company have dismantled the constitution. God help us all if citizens don’t wake up and begin demanding answers.