The city of Lake Ozark received a glowing financial report from its auditor at Tuesday night’s regular board of aldermen meeting.

The city of Lake Ozark received a glowing financial report from its auditor at Tuesday night’s regular board of aldermen meeting.

Lynn Graves from Graves and Associates CPAs of Jefferson City said the city has successfully addressed auditing issues in recent years.

“Nothing came to our attention in the auditing procedures,” Graves told the board. “There have been a lot of good things for the city during the year.”

Overall revenues have increased, there is a net increase in the general fund, reserves are better than two years ago and the operation of the city’s government and utility funds has been “outstanding,” he said.

“The city had a big hill to climb out of with bond reserves,” he explained. “You should be complimented for working out the stuff that happened a long time ago.”

“It’s exciting to see what you’ve accomplished last year,” he added.

Special Events fee

A year ago, aldermen discussed the fee charged for Special Event Permits, but made no decision other than to agree to revisit the issue each June.

City Administrator Dave Van Dee reminded the board that the $125 fee is typically waived for non-profit organizations and is not a significant budget item since only a handful of events qualify for the fee.

A fee isn’t a bad idea, he said, but added he thought $125 might be too much. There are some administrative costs involved, he pointed out.

Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos said he felt that if a fee is charged it should be charge to everybody. Nobody should be exempted.

Alderman Jeff Van Donsel said he felt that a fee is arbitrary and cannot be justified based on actual administrative costs.

Alderman Betsey Browning said she felt the rules should be more specific as to who needs a Special Events Permit and who does not. “It needs to be made more clear, and then I’d consider it,” she said of a fee.

After several minutes of discussion and after a motion by Alderman Larry Buschjost to reduce the fee to $75 was withdrawn, Alderman Don Langley offered a motion to charge $25 to every permit applicant.

However, his motion was defeated 4-2. Aldermen Browning, Tony Otto, Judy Neels and Van Donsel voted against the $25 fee, while Buschjost and Langley voted in favor.

Unless aldermen decide to address the matter sooner, the Special Event Permit fee will be discussed again in June 2014.

Other business

•Police Chief Mark Maples told the board he will be providing the board and city staff with an update on the Lake Race 2013, and a list of recommendations for making the event “more organized and efficient from my perspective.”

•The board set public hearings for Tuesday, July 9, on three aspects of the city’s wastewater sewer improvement project. Hearings will be conducted for Alternative Engineering Solutions, Estimated User Charge Rate and the Environmental Impact of the project. Van Dee said he and McClure Engineering want to make sure the city meets all of the requirements of the Sewer Revolving Fund mandates and that the city does its due diligence.

•The board approved Franzeskos’ reappointment of Alderman Larry Buschjost to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

•The board authorized the city administrator to develop an agreement with a financial advisor for construction of a 10-inch water main.