Community members appreciated for their service and support to the Camdenton R-III school district's docudrama.

Camdenton high school has hosted a docudrama since 2007 with the help of various community members and local emergency service personnel.

A docudrama simulates a car crash between two vehicles full of students. The fake crash teaches students the importance of making good decisions and shows them exactly what the consequences of drinking and driving and not wearing their seat belt truly look like.

Juniors and seniors watch the docudrama in the spring near prom and graduation season.

During the Camdenton R-III school board's June meeting, School Resource Officer Williams wanted to show his appreciation to two community members who have supported the docudrama efforts throughout the years.

Jim Dulle, owner of Bledsoe Conoco has provided two cars each year to be used as the crashed vehicles in the simulation exercise. Dulle has done this free of charge and willingly for all five docudramas.

Wess Diehl, manager of the Allee-Holman-Howe funeral home, has responded in a hearse and participated in the simulation every year.

Williams presented each with a plaque to show his and the school district's appreciation for their time and support.

Superintendent Tim Hadfield also presented Williams with a plaque since he was crucial in bringing the docudrama to the district.