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By Brenda Langerud
June 10, 2013 1:47 p.m.

Off to Camp
Tomorrow I leave for 4-H camp near Washburn, ND for three days. It has been a long time since I was camp staff and even longer since I attended a camp as a participant. ND has one statewide camp location now – a beautiful location on the banks of the Missouri just off Highway #83 and right by the new Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. At one time, each county in ND had their own camp or might combine with a neighboring county but considerations of space, staff and of course dollars lead to a statewide consolidation quite a few years ago.
New this year, our NE area of North Dakota is leading the Adventure Camp this week and I and the agent from Pembina County are co-chairs. Mostly we plan, prepare for and implement programming and activities as there are full-time counselors for the summer, cooks and maintenance people. My particular areas of expertise will be bread baking, ice cream making and homemade lanterns to use by the campfire. Food is always popular and everyone likes a campfire so the campers will no doubt be interested and engaged in those activities. No major problems foreseen there.
Now, if only it was that easy to find my camping “stuff”. Over the years, our sons attended camps, camped in our backyard, camped with friends, etc. We had – I thought – accumulated a fair number of sleeping bags, air mattresses, camp lanterns, mosquito zappers and other assorted items that made camping easier. As each special item came to mind, it was nowhere to be found in our house. Confused, I inquired of our sons concerning the location of some items and yes, they have them, but as they are both live some distance away borrowing is not an option. So my packing list has been transformed into a shopping list. A new, fluffy sleeping bag does sound nice but I found it an interesting commentary that there was a need to take the mosquito zapper but their baby books are still on my shelves.

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