Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. - Thousands flocked to the lake this weekend for a wakeboard contest like no other: Liquid Force's world famous BROstock.

Fueled by Monster Energy, BROstock featured some of the world's best riders including Harley Clifford, Shane Bonifay and Bob Soven, with 26 riders competing in a double-up contest for the winner's purse.

Lake of the Ozarks hosted BROstock for the first time last year. Adam Errington walked away the winner with Steel Lafferty in second place and Rusty Malinoski in third.

This year, the honors went to Randall “Vandall” Harris.

Harris' go big or go home style led him to a win in a tight race against Aaron Rathy and Dean Smith.

After Friday's preliminary round, the contest was narrowed down to twelve riders. By Saturday afternoon, the riders then got down to the final six, with Danny Harf, Dean Smith, Steel Lafferty, Randall Harris, Adam Fields, and Aaron Rathy rounding out the finalists.

While the riders had all agreed prior to the semifinal round to splitting the pot (with the winner taking a more), the riders still wanted to go out and compete for the title of BROstock champ.

It all came down to a judge's decision between Randall's wrapped nose grab toe back, the wrapped switch Indy 9 of Rathy, and Dean's Indy Backside 7, but in the end it was Randall who walked away with the title.