The members of Lake Area Conservative Club (LACC) are individuals who practice individual responsibility and believe in self-involvement. We do not practice collectivism as is described in this diatribe.

*Editor’s Note: This opinion is in reference to a Lake View titled “Are you listening to the people?” published in the May 7 Lake Sun.

I would like to address the article, "Lake View:  Are you listening to the people?"  dated May 7 of this year that talked about P&Z's article 600 and Commissioner Luber.

I take great exception to  labels such as the “Luber supporters” and the “Luber tactics.” 

The members of Lake Area Conservative Club (LACC) are individuals who practice individual responsibility and believe in self-involvement.  We do not practice collectivism as is described in this diatribe. 

Ms. Steward [author of another opinion on Article 600] said it best, “this is more than an issue about noise.” 

It is a regulation this county wants to use to coerce its citizens into compliance. 

The fact that 10 members from the LACC were present at these meetings means that they are property owners in Camden County fighting for their private property rights and should not be stereotyped as "followers." 

What I see in reading the Johnson article is party politics, which our founders warned us against, rather than the politics of the people. 

The fact that this article describes LACC members as a small group of people with the same narrow mindset is laughable. 

If anyone ever attended any of LACC's meetings they would find a large group of people practicing their first amendment rights with much gusto at a pot luck dinner. 

From this organization, groups formed to fight the FERC, Article 600, and the school districts collaboration with the ACLU's "Harry Potter project."  

Other groups formed to fight against "Agenda 21" and "Common Core."  There were more groups who fought for our "right to bear arms" and our "private property rights" on sponsored legislation, speaking at public hearings in Jefferson City and some of these bills actually made it to the Governor's desk for signature. 

LACC members are people who love this country, believe in our liberties and willing to fight for them. 

Conservative groups have popped up all over the country because they are tired of party politics. 

Our elected representatives have forgotten who they work for and where their allegiance lies and have disregarded our Constitution for far too long. 

Our Constitution, one of the most inspired of documents, has stood for over two centuries as a protective fortress, sheltering generations after generation from those who would destroy freedom. 

These conservative groups have taken on the role of defending the very fortress that defends us all. 

We believe that it is built of ancient ink and generations of our precious blood, this wall of protection, our Constitution, is only as strong as our devotion to know, to live, and to safeguard its truths. 

This fortress of liberty is built stone by stone on the very allegiance and resolve of We the People it protects.

If anyone ever attended one of LACC's annual dinners the last couple of years, they would have found a copy of the pocket Constitution at their table setting. 

You can even pick one up at any of our monthly meetings, because we believe in it, and what it stands for.  

I have never seen a copy of our constitution at a place setting at one of the Lincoln Days Dinners.

We do not  have a narrow mindset.  We are not "flagrantly confused" and so become followers to a pied piper, we are members of "We the People."  If you capitalize it, it takes on a much different meaning.