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By Mickala
Mickala is the new summer intern at The Lake Sun. She will be writing frequently to share her experiences straight from the newsroom. She is a Camdenton high school student who is interested in journalism as a career.
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June 5, 2013 5:25 p.m.

Oh, and I must comment on this splendid weather! No, that was not sarcastic. My favorite season is fall, so this very fall-esque weather in a time of year which is usually unbearably hot and humid, is very much to my liking. It has been no more than seventy-five to my knowledge and overcast or rainy most days. Most people that live around the lake are probably upset about this, especially the tourists who are wanting to go out boating and swimming. They can tough it out though, it will be hot soon enough and everyone will be complaining! 
I should move to Seattle or somewhere similar when I’m older, I guess. Get a studio apartment, be a reporter for the Seattle newspaper, all while writing a novel and playing in the local grunge scene in my free time. That sounds absolutely perfect to me, in fact.
In the meantime, I will be soaking up all of this lovely weather while it lasts (It will probably be one hundred degrees tomorrow now that I’ve written this).

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