It’s now up to the eight bars on the Strip if open containers will be allowed for the Lake Rescue Shootout Meet and Greet in August.

It’s now up to the eight bars on the Strip if open containers will be allowed for the Lake Rescue Shootout Meet and Greet in August.

The Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen Tuesday night clarified language in a proposed statement of intent that will be presented to the bars for their signatures. If all eight owners/managers agree to the terms, then City Attorney Roger Gibbons will prepare an ordinance for aldermen to consider. If one of the eight does not participate, the proposal will become null and void.

The board voted 5-1 to move the possible issuance of a Temporary Outdoor Consumption Permit forward. Voting against was Alderman Don Langley.

Each of the bars will be required to apply for a special event permit for the one-time-only event, with the boundaries of the permitted area to be a general area that encompasses all of the bars. The board also set security fees for each of the bars at $1,000 with administrative fees to be 10 percent of the security deposit.

Jeff Carroll, Meet and Greet organizer, approached the board at its last meeting about the possibility of lifting the open container for the event. He indicated then he would be willing to contact each of the bar owners about signing on to the temporary permit.

Insurance concern

A potential deal breaker could involve liability insurance.

The city’s insurance carrier ― MOPERM ― said a special event would not be covered under the city’s policy, and that a special event policy would need to be purchased by each of the bar owners.

“If the bars and businesses are putting on this event, they would need to be the ones to purchase the special events coverage and issue a certificate to the city of Lake Ozark naming the city as an additional insured,” MOPERM risk specialist Justin Stringer said in a letter.

City Administrator Dave Van Dee said the insurance carrier will likely look at the event when it does a policy risk analysis, which could impact the city’s future premiums.

Statement of intent

Highlights of the Statement of Intent for a Temporary Outdoor Consumption Permit, include:

•Possession and consumption of an open container of alcohol would only be allowed in the Event Area, which has yet to be determined

•All applicants would have to apply for a permit allowing for the Temporary Outdoor Consumption Permit.

•The permit would authorize closing of streets within the Event Area

•Nobody would be allowed to possess an alcoholic beverage except in an Event Cup issued by the permit applicants

•Everyone buying an alcoholic beverage in an Event Cut must be 21 years old, and must be designated by a wristband. No one will be served an alcoholic beverage without a wristband.

•The permit applicant must be responsible for providing sufficient security personnel to ensure compliance with the ordinance and laws of the city and state

•No glass containers will be allowed in the event area

ªPermit applicants must reimburse the city for costs associated with law enforcement personnel needed to police the event over and above the normal force during the event at a rate of $35 per hour.