The Republicans keep pushing privatization:  schools, parks, highways, Social Security and Medicare, and even in some places Law enforcement and Security.

That would mean more profits for the priviledged few.  Indiana leased out some of its highways, and in our travels, we have found their highways to be inferior to those in North Dakota---even though drivers pay a toll to drive on them.  We tried to visit a park in Arkansas, but we could enter only into the private, corporate gift shop.  If we wanted to stroll in the park, we had to pay $8 each.  

We all benefit when the young are educated, productive citizens.  The talents of thousands of bright young minds would go undeveloped if children were denied an education because their parents could not afford to send them to school.  Up until recent ideologues saw the possiblity of profits in schools, in the US we understood the benefit to the nation of making a basic education available to everyone.

The oldest student I ever taught was a gentleman of 73.  His story was typical of the WWII generation.  He had to stay home and work on the farm in the days when most farm work was done with horses and human labor.  At age 73, he graduated with a GED!  He was so proud and so grateful to be given that opportunity at no charge.  And he was so intelligent he completed the courses in just a few months.  Seeing his joy brought tears to all who had helped him achieve that dream.  Private profit?  No.  Public benefit?  Yes, by rewarding a fine family man, a veteran, a citizen for a life well lived.  And all of his children were college graduates!  

Free Public education, paid for by all, for all is profitable for ALL---not just a few "investors."