With the ongoing controversy with the Obama administration's handling of Benghazi, do you think Hillary Clinton still has a chance to win the presidency in 2016 if she decided to run? Or will this all be water under the bridge by the time the next election comes around?

QUESTION: With the ongoing controversy with the Obama administration's handling of Benghazi, do you think Hillary Clinton still has a chance to win the presidency in 2016 if she decided to run? Or will this all be water under the bridge by the time the next election comes around?

No Republican is in position to challenge

 The "machine" Hillary runs will downplay her Benghazi faux pas and ramp up her presidential bid.
With the "liberal" bent in this country she will be a shoo-in for the office. The Republican camp is in such disarray that no frontrunner is in a position to effectively oppose her.
Hal Anway
Lake Ozark

Benghazi will go away by 2016

What do you mean ‘if’ she decides to run? That has been decided a long time ago by the powers brokers in the Democratic Party. They fooled America into electing the demagogue that's in there now because he would be the first black president.
So the natural progression would to be to have the first female in the White House. Can she win?  I pray to God (that is if we are still allowed to by the time the next election rolls around) that she doesn't.
Then again I'm sure by election time Obama and Holder and Hillary and the gang will lie enough, threaten enough, and throw enough people under the bus to make Benghazi go away.
Then add the amnesty deal in there and  pick another ten or eleven million votes, she might just pull it off. All I know for sure is I am one vote she won't get.  
Mike Donovan

There’s too much still left to do

The old boys' club has never liked Hillary, so I believe they would drag this story out as 2016 campaigning begins.  
Hillary has said repeatedly that she will not run, so it probably doesn't matter.  I honestly don't understand why Congress cannot let this go when there's so much other work to be done there.  
Did we elect these folks just to bicker with each other?
Lisa MacConnell
Linn Creek

Clinton inept as Secretary of State

In my opinion, of course she will run, and probably win if the uninformed and radical "so called" Democrats continue with their non-stop campaigning and fundraising, and government denial of freedom of speech for anyone who doesn't agree with them — especially when they give amnesty to millions of illegals.They will make sure all of her indiscretions and obfuscations will be painted over. Her ineptness as Secretary of State will be hailed as a triumph.
Even though she ignored the pleadings for security in Benghazi months before these Americans were slaughtered and ignored. Many members of the security detail were even removed before the attack, even though there were intelligence reports of increased terrorist activity and an earlier trial breach of the compound wall. There were attacks on other foreign ambassadors who then left Libya.  When she spoke to Congress she shrieked about these murdered men "what difference does it make!"  
The difference is she and our government ignored all the warnings and pleading for help before and during the hours of bloody unrelenting assault and slaughter of these brave Americans. I'm sure their final thoughts were " we are unimportant and  abandoned by our country".
Yet Hillary said she knew NOTHING about it. A mother of one of the murdered men said Hillary told her it because of a video when she met her at the home coming of her sons body (Photo-Op). And she has heard nothing else from her or the President. Good grief, we sure don't need her in the White House.
Just a continuation of the inept, know nothing, oblivious, totally political power hungry,  partying bunch in there now.
Brenda Goodman

Clinton has fostered mistrust with Americans

Hillary Clinton has become the lightening rod in the Benghazi scandal. Her following the Obama administration line that a video caused the attack on the consulate has put her in a vulnerable position.
Can she be trusted to tell the truth if she becomes president? She and Obama have created a massive mistrust of the current administration.
If Mrs. Clinton runs, her Democratic primary opponents will certainly point to this as will a republican opponent if she becomes the candidate. She has survived Whitewater, her own health care plan and took advantage of her sympathetic posture when her husband was caught cheating on her. She rode that to a senate seat.
Historical significance, sympathy, mistrust and lies are not a basis for electing a candidate, but Obama has been elected twice so anything can happen.
Greg Stageberg

Clinton would be a formidable candidate

The controversy about Benghazi is  nothing but pure political skulldrudgery.
There is an excellent chronology on Google of the events. I frankly wouldn't send Rep. Issa's committee to investigate a dog bite case. The testimony solicited at the hearing was mostly self-serving. The real questions were never asked (i.e. Why was Ambassador Stevens alone in the consulate the night of the attack?)
Security there was said to be not up to standard. Why was the ambassador traveling to a known unsafe area with out so much as a single armed guard?. Did Mr. Hicks ever demand increased security from the Libyan government?
For Rep. Issa: Sir, how did you vote on the State Department’s request for additional security funding?
Apparently most people have not been buying these hearings. The latest poll show Mrs. Clinton's approval up two points. I'm not sure why anyone would want to run for office but I'm sure should she decide to run she would be a formidable candidate. I believe she could be our first woman president...
Francis Carr
Sunrise Beach

Historical precedent will propel Clinton

I firmly believe she will get elected, not because she will be a good candidate but rather there will be too many voters who will want to tell their grandchildren, "I voted for the first woman President."
I surmise that was a major factor in the election/re-election of President Obama, i.e there are those who now boast: "I voted for the first 'African American' President."
Larry Magill
Sunrise Beach

Other events will be pushed forward

What I think will happen is this administration will use the IRS issue and the Associated Press issue to override the Benghazi fiasco. They will push for that to be at the forefront, so Hillary will not suffer the effects of Benghazi.
Then, the Democrats will get behind their choice and run a campaign primarily focused on her being a woman and the great historical significance of having the first woman president which is the least that the United States citizens can do after having elected twice the first African American president.  
Race baiting will be perfected, and if a woman on the Republican side comes out in attack of Hillary over Benghazi, they will chalk it up to being a zealot and old fashioned and not in tune with the citizens of the United States and there wants and desires.
And then of course we will be told it really doesn't matter anyway for this all happened such a long time ago.
Nancy Steward
Linn Creek

Clinton failed in Benghazi

I wasn’t going to reply to this, as my opinion of the current administration is already widely known.  
I know some toes may get bruised a bit, however; Clinton failed, that’s right failed to protect American Citizens who were on American soil (Embassy).  She had troops within a few hours of the Embassy and she ordered them to stand down.  She denied requests for a fly by using American Fighter jets that may have broke up the attack.  
She then went on to lie about the cause of this to the American people, with backing from our low life president.  They continued these lies for weeks, causing the investigation to be held up, evidence lost and destroyed.  They insulted foreign dignitaries by contradicting their depiction of what occurred.  
Should she run for President?  I certainly think she should.  That should eliminate any possibility of a Democratic follow on president.  
In my opinion, she, Obama and Holder should all be on the next bus out of D.C.  They should be banned from any political office ever, and forced to retire in shame with absolutely no benefits.  They’ve done more damage to this country in five years than any 100 people have ever been able to accomplish.
Scott Hagan
Lake Ozark