The Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarving Club is currently sponsoring its 13th annual beginning woodcarving course.

The Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarving Club is currently sponsoring its 13th annual beginning woodcarving course. This is a six-week program and is being held on Thursday evenings at The Lake Area VO-TECH Center located at the junior high school campus in Camdenton. The sessions are intended to encourage those with an interest in woodcarving to learn the craft and to develop and refine their skills.

Twelve students are enrolled in this spring’s course which is being taught by club members free of charge for their time. There is, however, a small course fee which the school must collect.

Course director Loren Woodard has led this program for all 12 years since its inception. Richard Wallace, club president, has also been very actively involved. The club recently elected to provide carving tools for the beginning students to use. Most of these tools were made by club member, Bud Murray. In addition to the above named individuals, club members Judy Patterson-McKinley, Wes Glidewell, Chuck Hoffman, Brad Welch, Doug Bibles, and Tom Lease also assisted in the course instruction.

The Lake of the Ozarks Woodcarving Club has 66 active members and holds meetings at the Camdenton United Methodist Church on the third Monday of each month. This active club sponsors weekly carving sessions at the Laurie and Camdenton senior centers. (Current members range in age from 18 to 80 plus.) The club secures many of the best woodcarvers in the country to come to Camdenton each month to teach weekend courses. A club carving project has been submitted to the Ozark Empire Fair woodcarving multi-state competition in Springfield, MO for the past five years, and this club has won first place each year.

The organization boasts having some of the finest carvers in the nation as members and many others working hard to achieve that status. Each of these individuals is more than willing to share their skills with those eager to learn; but even they had to start somewhere. Consequently, another course for beginning and intermediate students interested in woodcarving will be held at the VO-TECH Center this fall. For dates, times, and additional information about the club and its functions, please contact:

Loren Woodard — 573-480-2003

Richard Wallace, club president — 573-346-3859