1 Cheers to
the Lake Ozark Police Department, the city of Lake Ozark and MoDOT for having such thorough plans for the Lake Race already in place.

2 Cheers to
Eldon golfer Braden Atkinson for making it to state play for prep golf. Way to go!

3 Cheers to
the nurses and teachers in our lives that make an important difference in our country.

1 Jeers to
the woman who tried to bust two people out of the Morgan County jail and is now facing time herself. Did you really think a string and a small hacksaw could set free a couple of criminals. We think jails are a little more sophisticated than that.

2 Jeers to
people and “organizations’ that target elderly people to swindle them out of money. Luckily, one Sunrise Beach couple recently didn’t fall for it.