May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The week of May 6-10 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness week.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The week of May 6-10 is Children’s Mental Health Awareness week. Pathways Community Health provides mental health services to children and families across their system of care. To bring awareness to mental health issues, they will provide information and bubbles for children to celebrate Children’s Mental health Awareness week in their Camdenton office.

Children can experience a variety of mental health issues including: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.  There are many causes that lead to these disorders and illnesses including physical and sexual abuse, severe emotional trauma, and neglect. According to the Mayo Clinic, many adults have trouble identifying if their child is living with a mental illness because signs and symptoms can be attributed to normal child behavior.

It is important to recognize child and adolescent mental health problems and to reduce stigma around treatment. Mental health problems are just as important as physical health or learning issues. A child’s development of good social, emotional and behavioral health is part of their overall healthy development. Recognizing mental health needs of children and adolescents early on and treating with effective methods could mean a healthy and long life in an otherwise hopeless situation.

Pathways Community Health is a member of the Compass Health network and provides mental health services and addiction recovery programs in communities across Missouri. In Camdenton, Pathways’s Navig8 program provides addiction recovery services for adolescents. Compass Health uses extensive and individualized treatment plans that focus on the young person as well as the family.

For more information about Pathways its services and programs to prevent and help those living with a mental illness, call 1-888-403-1071 or visit their website at or on Facebook at Pathways Community Health.