The theory of evolution was the rising serpent that fueled Adolph Hitler's racist fire against the Jews. Today the serpent is rising again in public school to indoctrinate students through atheistic Darwinian evolution with the theory that there is no god, and that mankind is just another animal.

                   The Rising Serpent                                              by Jeanne Chatman

The serpent was the vessel used by Satan to deceive mankind.  A fanciful and curious creature, the serpent was appealing to the inquiring mind of Eve.  He presented a conversation that sparked doubts in her mind about the Divine Creator. She began her spree of sin by believing that God was a liar as the serpent had accused. Then she enjoyed the envious thought that she could be a god. Next she disobeyed God by eating of the forbidden fruit.  Finally, she pulled her husband into the grievous state of transgressions.  Satan, jealous of God’s children who were created in His image, had tempted them to rebel against their Heavenly Father.  They freely chose to break fellowship with Almighty God through their sins, and they yielded to the lies of the enemy of our Great Creator God. (Genesis 3)

Satan has appealed to the vanity of mankind continually throughout history, and has caused havoc, ignorance and suffering.  No matter how advanced, and educated civilizations have become, they have had witch doctors controlling the people through deception.  The serpent rises up in the vain philosophies of the deceivers and human beings pervert themselves.  It is written in 2 Timothy 2:8, “Now as Jannes and Jambres (witch doctors of Egypt) withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.”

In our time, the serpent has risen up in the form of a great deception that seems to suck the souls out of our children by convincing them that they do not have a soul.  This illusion is the atheistic theory of Darwinian evolution that is freely taught in public schools and state universities as absolute fact.  The only fact is that the theory is based upon unproven assumptions and has no facts.  Multitudes of textbooks state, in accordance with the demonic theory,  that all things accidentally formed over billions of years by chance without creative purpose.  Is there proof of this theory?  NO!  There are only the assumptions and the opinions of atheistic evolutionists built upon multitudes of other assumptions and opinions.  Their textbooks proclaim that mankind is an animal, who evolved from the same an ape ancestor as did gorillas, chimpanzees etc.  Is this true?  Is there any proof?  NO!  However, the atheistic evolutionists have mystical artists’ drawings of what they think missing links or ape men may have looked like.  They have great imaginative charts of the evolutionary process that go back to rain on rocks sparking life billions of years ago through the morphing of species up to the morphing of mankind from an ape.  Is there proof?  Can life spring from rocks? Does one specie morph into another specie? NO and NO and NO! This ridiculous theory has dated the rain on rocks millions of years before Oxygen was supposed to have occurred, being produced by plants. So, where did the Oxygen for the H2O rain come from?  Do inanimate rocks that are rained on produce life today?  NO!  This is an unobservable theory.  So, why are the atheistic evolutionists allowed to indoctrinate our young people with their assumptions that are not observable, factual science?  Satan is rising and deceiving our youth through the educational system of our nation.  The atheistic evolutionists are trying to instill in the minds of our youth that there is no Creator God, and that mankind was not created in God’s image.  They want our children to believe that they are just another animal, only highly evolved, and that all things just accidentally occurred because of natural selection without purposeful creation.  This is what Communists teach in their schools, because they are atheists.  Why do we want this taught in our schools?  Do we want our children to become atheists? Christian parents need to wake up and realize that they are in a spiritual war, and that the enemy is trying to steal their children.

My father, some of my uncles and cousins were in the military during World War II.  I grew up in the shadow of this terrible historical event as a school girl in the 1950’s.  My mind was filled with eyewitness stories of the horrors wreaked by Satan’s master witch doctor, Adolph Hitler.  This Satanic monster murdered six million Jews, as well as millions of Christians who tried to defend them.  Hitler used the theory of Darwinian evolution to try to convince the citizens of Germany that the Jews were mostly ape, and not as evolved as Aryans.  Thus, the less evolved should be destroyed to purify the human race.  To the Christians of his country, he tried to present himself as a Christian and sway them to his evil eugenic philosophy. Most Christians did not accept Hitler’s lies, but feared the Nazi retribution. 

It is a well known fact that German Christians who spoke against Hitler were persecuted, imprisoned, and even murdered.  The great Lutheran preacher Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote an influential essay titled “The Church and the Jewish Question” in which he defended the Jews.   He was arrested in 1943 and imprisoned.  In 1945 he was hanged for speaking against Hitler’s condemnation of the Jews.  The Nazis murdered several other members of the Protestant resistance movement.  This included Bonhoeffer’s two sons and two sons in law. Many other Christians were imprisoned and murdered for hiding Jewish people from Hitler’s Nazi henchmen.  Many of them suffered along with the Jews in the concentration camps.  Such a person was Corrie ten Boom, whose family hid Jewish people in their home. After their safe house was exposed, the family was captured and imprisoned.  Corrie’s parents and sister died in a concentration camp.  She was the sole survivor of her family, and she wrote a book about her experience called, “The Hiding Place.”  

Adolph Hitler use Charles Darwin’s book, “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of the Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,”  to promote his philosophy that Aryans had evolved higher than other races and were the superior race.  The book published in 1859 in London England, put forth the theory that human beings evolved from an ape ancestor, and some races of men were less evolved than others. According to the theory, the Caucasian race, particularly Aryan, was fully evolved.  The unproven assumptions went even further to theorize that Negroes, Asians, and Jews were still partly ape.  Based upon Darwin’s book, Hitler came up with a chart to label species of mankind according to their evolution from an ape.  The following is Hitler’s chart:  

SPECIES                                                                                               BLOOD MIXTURE

Nordic (blond, blue-eyed)                                                                     Close to pure Aryan

Germanic (brown hair, blue-eyed or less desirable brown eyed)          Predominantly Aryan

Mediterranean(white but swarthy                                                 Slight Aryan preponderance

Slavic (white but degenerative bone structure)                                      Half Aryan, Half Ape

Oriental                                                                                         Slight Ape preponderance

Black African                                                                                          Predominantly Ape

Jewish (fiendish skull)                                                                             Close to pure Ape       1

Hitler used this chart to target individuals in order to exterminate those that he believed to be the less evolved.  He was positively convinced that Darwinian evolution was true. He tried to portray himself as a hero dedicated to purifying the human race through eugenics.  Thus, Jews were targeted and the Holocaust sprang forth.  The rising of the serpent worked through Hitler and the Nazi party.  Since Jews were not to be considered human, they had no rights, and could be slaughtered like livestock. It is my opinion that Satan took the form of Hitler and deceived many people, by using Darwinian evolution.

Darwinian evolution should have died with Hitler, partly because of the racism.  However, it is alive and has taken on a new face.  The serpent rises again using atheistic Darwinian evolution in the public school systems, and state universities of the United States of America.  The racial prejudice of Darwin’s book, Origin of Species, is not mentioned, because of anti Hitler sentiments.  However, atheism has claimed Darwinian evolution to convince our youth that there is no God.  Atheistic evolutionists, claiming to be the wisemen of education and knowledge, have propagated their offensive philosophy in our schools, without much resistance over the years.  We should strongly object to atheistic Darwinian evolution being taught in our school systems.  The people in Communist countries do not have a choice about what is taught in the   schools.  Their educational system indoctrinates the youth in school with atheism and Darwinian evolution without objection.  Unlike Communist citizens, we have rights and choices.  So, we should be aware of what is being taught in public school to our children.  Atheism and evolution are philosophies that are being shoved in the minds of our children, and that is wrong!  We need to take a stand and fight against it.  

1 The Hitler Movement, p. 107, Creation Seminar Series, p. 41, CSE, 2003, Florida