I enjoy the letters to the editors and congratulate the editor of the Lake Sun for publishing all the different opinions. It seems there is a fair balance between the left and right political views.

I enjoy the letters to the editors and congratulate the editor of the Lake Sun for publishing all the different opinions. It seems there is a fair balance between the left and right political views. I would say that I am an independent Republican but may be a Libertarian. There are some things in the Republican Political Platform that I do not agree with. I would like to address one of those disagreements: The right to life v. A woman's right to Choose.

The Republican Party claims to be the Party in favor of less government. How can we claim to be in favor of less government yet attempt to impose our moral values on the public by force of government (i.e. Repeal Roe v. Wade)? Pass laws that limit a woman's right to choose. Picket abortion clinics and defund Planned Parenthood. Do all in our power to force women to endure an unwanted pregnancy no matter their circumstances or the consequences of delivering an unwanted, unloved and abused child. Should that not be a decision for the woman in question, her husband or lover, her spiritual advisor, doctor, parents and immediate family — not a decision in the hands of government functionaries following guidelines passed into law by opinionated legislators seeking reelection with no thought of the individual circumstances of pregnant

women. I have no quarrel with your personal feelings regarding abortion. Make every effort you care to: preach from the pulpit, stand on the street corner with your anti-abortion sign, picket any abortion clinic you can find. Do all in your power to convince others to abandon the practice but DO NOT give this power to government. It is not the proper role of government to force religious or moral views on anyone.

Consider the 13-year-old girl, daughter of a Southern Baptist Preacher who finds herself pregnant. I'm sure he has strong personal feelings but then finds himself in the awkward position of being the preacher with a teenaged daughter pregnant without the benefit of matrimony. How many, in similar circumstances, have changed their views

on "Right to Life," but only in this particular case. "At her age childbirth is a real hazard to her health." Also, "It would just be too awkward to have my daughter's pregnancy become public knowledge."

Every pregnancy is personal. Every case is different. There are circumstances where those that must make a choice are the only ones capable of making the right choice for themselves. I am old enough to remember the time when a girl with an unwanted pregnancy had to leave town, live with an "Aunt" in another city for some period of time until the pregnancy could be terminated by some back street abortionist.

I have no quarrel with the concept that life begins at conception but I do not agree that that life is a baby. It is a fetus that in time will become a baby if left to grow, thrive and pass through the birth canal. It has not arrived at personhood. It has no thoughts, dreams, aspirations or personality. It has only those things which the parents

choose to grant. A name, perhaps. Their dreams for it; dreams of a future. A happy childhood, a successful adulthood. At birth it will become a person, a baby. But not until birth.

I am not advocating abortion as a routine birth control device but I do believe it is not a proper role of government to tell women what they must do when they find themselves in circumstances where an unwanted pregnancy is an unbearable burden. This seems to me to be a case of a vocal minority making a determined attempt to impose their moral values on others by force of law. Were the termination of an unwanted pregnancy available in recognized medical facilities by experienced doctors willing to perform the procedure the atrocities revealed in the recent case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his abortion clinic would be less common.

I have found very few that think the prevention of abortion is a proper roll of government. It would simply return us to an earlier time when the choice would be a dangerous back street abortion. I urge you to view this on a very personal level. Not as a general rule because no rule can satisfy every conceivable circumstance. How many women have had to suffer through an abortion performed by less than qualified practitioner in unsafe, even disgusting circumstance because they felt there was no other choice they could live with.