There seems to be a stirring on the Lake Ozarks Strip.

There seems to be a stirring on the Lake Ozarks Strip.

While we must mourn the passing of the skee-ball venue that was for generations a hallmark of the Strip, there are strong signs of a new day where the lake really begins.

The agenda at a recent meeting of the Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen is a good example. The Magic Dragon Car Show is making its annual appearance on the Strip, a two-day event that draws thousands.

Strip businesses are responding to the crowds by acquiring catering permits that will allow them to expand operation for the weekend. Of course the big new news is the Lake Race.

Organizers are well on the way to creating an event that must be hoped will be the first of a long tradition.

Oma and Noma, a barbeque event and other special days are also spurring activity in the business community as a new generation of owners sees possibility and is prepared to benefit. New businesses including the ever-expanding Iguana operation and a new beer bar are on tap for the upcoming season, indicating that there is confidence in the future of the Strip.

All in all there are positive signs of rebirth and growth along the historic stretch. We hope this continues and look forward to new success and commercial activity on the Strip.