Our country has been through a lot this week, so instead of jeering anything or anyone, we’re issuing six cheers.

1 Cheers to
all the first responders and police officers responsible for bringing justice in Boston.

2 Cheers to
volunteers on the Westside who donated their time to help clean the roads. Thanks for taking pride in making our community shine.

3 Cheers to
the Osage Beach Board of Aldermen and MoDOT for finally agreeing on a Key Largo plan. Hopefully this will make the area safer.

4 Cheers to
everyone who made the Dogwood Festival a successful event again this year.

5 Cheers to
the School of the Osage tennis team for their unexpected, but well-deserved win at the Waynesville tennis tournament.

6 Cheers to
the students at the Camdenton school district for impressing everyone at the annual Elegant Evening last Friday.