Kalli LaFrance upset the top-ranked wrestler in the U.S. from California in the first period at nationals in Oklahoma City on March 29th.

With over 475 entries in the USGWA national championship finals, LaFrance and the 12 best female wrestlers in the U.S. traveled to OKC to compete in the 124 lb. weight class. Of the 475 entries, only four were from Missouri.

In her first round match, LaFrance faced off against a wrestler from Texas, whom she defeated with a technical fall with 20 seconds left in the period to advance on.

In the second match, LaFrance was matched up against the top ranked wrestler in her weight class. After a tough first few minutes, LaFrance trailed by several points. She quickly rallied, standing up and slamming her opponent down, pinning the wrestler for another tech fall victory.

With just one more win needed to advance to the championship match, LaFrance entered in to her third match of the tournament. Despite her best efforts, she was caught in a roll and pinned with just four seconds left in the match by a wrestler from Fort Worth, Tex.

After five matches on the day, LaFrance had used up all of her energy and stamina, and was beaten by a wrestler from Indiana and knocked out of contention. LaFrance finished sixth out of the 13 competitors in her weight class.

LaFrance says she is pleased with her finish, but disappointed by having been only one win away from the championship. LaFrance and her family are happy that Kalli returned safe, as some wrestlers sustained serious injuries in the event.

LaFrance was coached at nationals this year by USA coach Amy Likes of Wyom. and was assisted by Charles Mundy from the lake area.

LaFrance was one of only three female wrestlers who entered into this year's Blue Chip UFC Tournament, which hosted three hundred competitors.

After the Body Bar National Torunament in Lakeland, Florida, LaFrance will retire from all wrestling, due to an injury sustained while wrestling at the UFC tournament in Blue Springs earlier this season. The injury forced LaFance to withdraw from the competition in the third bout, in which she still managed to place third.