Don't look now, but this purple bejeweled toilet may soon be in a yard near you — or on your doorstep.

Don't look now, but this purple bejeweled toilet may soon be in a yard near you — or on your doorstep.

What's going on?

Some "Hillbilly Heros" are looking to "flush out cancer" with this toilet that they have painted and bejeweled with supplies donated by Porters. Susann Huff, Dru Hayes, Jodie Hunsaker, Donna Batliner, Gayla Almond, CeCe Bowen, Jessica Thurmond, Sharon Thurmond, Retta Morton, Jim Morton, Mary Anderson and Barbara Gatewood are on the Hillbilly Heros Team in Relay for Life of Morgan County. According to Huff, they got the idea for this fundraiser from Pinterest. The team saw another toilet stuffed with flowers but liked the jewels better, Huff said.

How it works

The team will be putting the toilet in yards and on doorsteps around the Westside to raise money for the annual American Cancer Society fundraiser. If it ends up at your place, call 573-216-9358 to have it removed. You must pay $10 to have it taken away — as explained in the "plumbing policies" sign — provided courtesy Lake West Signs. For $20, you may prank someone else and have it taken to a friend's. But you might want to be careful because the royal purple "throne" could come back to you, which is why the team is offering "toilet insurance". For $30, you can have it taken to a friend with the guarantee that it won't come back to you.

About Relay for Life

Relay for Life of Morgan County is a fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. Relay supports cancer research and education as well as support programs for local cancer patients. It features teams that have been raising money for months to officially contribute during the overnight community walk. Additional fundraising is also done during the Relay. Members of each team takes turns walking around the track throughout the night symbolizing the fight against cancer while food, games and activities provide entertainment, build camaraderie, honor cancer survivors and remember those who have been lost to cancer. The 2013 Relay for Life of Morgan County will be held 6 p.m. Friday, June 21-6 a.m. Saturday, June 22 at the downtown square in Versailles. All are welcome to attend and support the fight against cancer.