While the cold and wet weather canceled most sports Tuesday afternoon, the tennis teams at Camdenton and School of the Osage took to the courts in hoodies and sweatpants for the annual lake tennis dual.

The experience and depth of the Lakers squad shined in the 2013 match-up, reversing a 3-6 decision in 2012 to win 6-3.

"I like the quality of tennis we're playing," Camdenton coach Kirk Richey said. "We're playing well right now."

In doubles play, Camdenton got out to a quick start with wins in the number two and three slots. But Osage took the match at the number one slot, closing the gap.

In singles play, the relative inexperience of Osage took a toll: the two freshmen on Scott Blacksher's squad matched up against a Camdenton junior and senior. But the older players on the Indians team took the higher-ranked Lakers players to task, taking two of the top three singles matches. Only Camdenton senior Luc Ginoux — who is still undefeated this season — pulled out an win 8-4 against Thomas Uhl, who qualified for the state tournament in 2012 and is looking to repeat that accomplishment in 2013.

With Tuesday's win, the Lakers advance to 8-2 — winning their last four matches in a row — on the season, a decisive turnaround from the 2012 season. Osage fell to 5-4 on the season.

"If we can walk away with a winning season, I'll be happy," Scott Blacksher said.


The Indians are coming off an impressive win Monday afternoon against a large Waynesville team — the same team that defeated the Lakers 7-2 in a dual that was postponed because of wintry weather earlier in the season.

Singles winners were Thomas Uhl, Ryan Curran and Jordan Wilson. Doubles winners were Uhl/Adam Keith and Curran/Wilson.

The deciding match, a 10-8 come from behind win for freshman Jordan Wilson, impressed Blacksher.

"Jordan just kept his cool and had a strategy. He's making tons of progress," he said.

The Indians will travel to Mexico Thursday.


Prior to capping a 4-0 run against the Indians Tuesday, the Lakers easily dispatched Ozark Conference rival Hillcrest Friday 9-0 and took down Parkview Monday 7-2.

Although Camdenton is enjoying a highly successful season so far, Richey said the players aren't getting ahead of themselves.

"There's still a lot of tennis left," he said.

Richey noted the improvement of senior number two Connor Burton.

"The tennis level he's playing is high," he said. "I'm proud of where he is mentally."

The Lakers will host conference foe Kickapoo 4 p.m. Thursday — senior night for the senior-laden squad.

Camdenton vs. Osage

Singles results:
1. Luc Ginoux (Camdenton) def. Thomas Uhl 8-4
2. Adam Keith (Osage) def. Connor Burton 8-5
3. Ryan Curran (Osage) def. Aric Osborn 8-1
4. Theo Bushnell (Camdenton) def. Garrett Grasshoff 8-4
5. Seth Hamilton (Camdenton) def. Jordan Wilson 8-6
6. Ryan Elliott (Camdenton) def. Adam Schoening 8-2

Doubles results:
1. Uhl/Keith (Osage) def. Ginoux/Bushnell 8-2
2. Burton/Osborn (Camdenton) def. Curran/Wilson 8-4
3. Hamilton/Elliott (Camdenton) def. Grasshoff/Schoening 8-2