Traveling to Crocker on Monday night, Coach Brandon Randall and the Lady Indians knew this week would be a tough one, especially knowing the team is undefeated so far.

The team, clinging to that perfect record, is in the position most teams only dream of, but one that comes with a new challenge: maintaining that record, a thing not so easily done when there is a target on their backs.

But the team can breathe a little easier after defeating a tough Crocker team in a 4-0 contest, advancing to 8-0 on the season.

Josie Verslues has been a strong contributor this season for the Lady Indians, scoring multiple goals in their games. Monday night's win was no different, as Verslues once again led the team in goals scored, finishing with two of the four goals. Teammates Monica Cisar and Alexa Pittenger also scored a goal each. Cassidy Culver had two assists in the match, while Verslues tacked on one assist with her goals.

The Osage defense has done a solid job this season, and their efforts in this match gave the team their third shutout of the season (not counting the double overtime win over Bolivar.) Vanessa Webber has proved to be a force inside the goal for the Indians, and once again, finished the night with two saves, no goals scored. Monica Cisar also finished the night with a save.

The team has played in some tough and physical contests, and they have the bruises and scars to prove it.

Luckily, the team has some time to recover. Their Tuesday night game against Dixon was cancelled due to the weather. Osage defeated Dixon earlier this season in a 5-2 match, which was much closer than the score indicates.

Osage's next scheduled game is on the road against Warrensburg on April 22, with a match against Laquey the next day.

The Osage JV team also defeated Crocker, 2-0. Daisy Ralston scored both goals, while Alora Powell finished the night with three saves. The JV squad is now 1-1 on the season.

Osage Tennis
In tennis, Osage also picked up a win on Monday night with a 5-4 victory over the Waynesville Tigers. In the doubles matches, Thomas Uhl and Adam Keith soundly defeated their counterparts 10-2. Ryan Curran and Jordan Wilson were not to be outdone, knocking off their opponents with a 10-3 win.
In the singles, Uhl won 10-1, Curran 10-4, while Wilson rounded it out with a 10-8 win.

Osage Golf
The Indians' golf team traveled to Ft. Leonard Wood for the Waynesville Invitational on Monday.
In this tournament, teams bring six players. Two play on their own, while the other four make up two scramble teams Each school posts four scores for a team score.

"Osage played well and came home with a nice plaque. Piney Valley Golf Course on the base is a nice course, and it's long," Coach L.J. Weeks said. "Plus it's always fun to play while the base is praticing live fire on the range not too far away. Nothing like having a bomb go off in your backswing!"

On Wednesday, the Indians have a conference meet at Warsaw, which, if rained out, may be held next Wednesday.

Rolla - 306
Waynesville - 332
Cuba - 339
Osage - 367
Camdenton B Team - 381
Crocker - 414

Osage Results
Matt Lehenbauer     98
Austin Hansen        94
Slack/Curran Scramble - 85
Crosby/Crosby Scramble - 90