True science cannot be based upon assumptions. Textbooks should not mix unproven assumptions with observable facts.

Weird Assumptions                         by Jeanne Chatman

Assumptions are ideas that people assume. Human beings assume thought concepts continually.  They draw conclusions about what they observe, and what they are told all the time.  For example, when I was a ten year old little girl in the 5th grade, the science teacher tried to explain osmosis to our class.  He told us that the membrane wall of one living cell could absorb the fluid of another living cell.  As an experiment to help us understand the concept, our teacher put a big onion in a small bag of apples on Monday.  When Friday came around, he took out the apples and sliced them for us to eat.  They tasted terrible and had an onion flavor. From this experiment, I drew a very profound conclusion about where babies came from.

As a new Christian, I was very interested in reading the Bible.  I had been saved and baptized at age 9, and was determined to read what my Sunday School teacher called “God’s love letter” all the way through. Sometimes there were concepts in the scriptures which puzzled me.  Statements like, “A man lay with his wife and she conceived and bare a child,” were confusing.  I concluded that such a concurrence must be due to the process of osmosis.  Then I thought further that laying next to someone was not much different than sitting next to someone.  I knew that it was wrong to have a baby if you weren’t married.  So, I thought that needed to be real careful about not even sitting next to a man or boy, lest osmosis occur. (Keep in mind that this happened in 1956. Fortunately, sex education was not a part of the school curriculum.  Even the word pregnant was taboo in the presence of children. Many parents carefully told their children “the facts of life” when they entered their teenage years.)

Mankind is a mental child compared to the great Creator God of the Universe.  Although, human beings were created in the image of God and given the Earth to subdue, they have not been given complete knowledge of all things.  Mankind draws conclusions and makes assumptions about life.  Not only did God give man a superior brain, a hungering soul, and a quest for knowledge, but He gave us the ability to determine right from wrong.  God spoke to several chosen spiritual giants to record His will for mankind to follow in the Bible.  All human beings have instilled within their souls the basic knowledge of what is good and what is evil. However, too many times mankind rejects the right and gives in to the wrong.  That is why we must use the Holy Bible as a guide. Most important, Jesus Christ left His followers with the Holy Spirit to lead us in the paths of righteousness.

Unfortunately, there are human beings who completely reject the concept of the Great Creator God. They do not believe that people have souls.  They consider the Holy Bible to be a book based upon primitive myths.  They are elitists, who believe that they are enlightened and have great knowledge to share with all mankind.  These people are Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists.  All of their so called knowledge is based upon unproven assumptions.  They have infiltrated our educational system and are indoctrinating our youth.  They have convinced the general public that their assumptions are scientific facts.  Thus, textbooks not only record scientific facts for our children to learn, but they also mix in the atheistic theory of Darwinian evolution. They put the theory on an equal status with proven, factual science.  That is a deceptive practice.

The assumptions that form the conclusions about Atheistic Darwinian Evolution are as childlike as my little assumptions about reproduction.  These self proclaimed scientists are mental children in the shadow of the Great Creator God.  They have tried to reduce the Almighty as a myth in order to boost their prestige and power in our society.  As Christians, we must recognize this deception and take a stand against it.  Most important, we must not allow our children to be indoctrinated with the Satanic myth of Atheistic Darwinian Evolution.

The major assumptions that have produced theories are taught as facts in our public schools.  As a veteran public school teacher of 43 years, I have summarized the same basic concepts of the assumptions presented in the multitude of textbooks I have seen over the years.  They are:

1.  The Big Bang Theory

   According to the assumptions, this theory tries to explain what happened in the beginning, leaving out the Creator, of course.  The standard theory is that 13.7 billion years ago the universe began to form. The year span is an assumption from an unproven theory.  Some atheistic evolutionists theorize that the intense gravitational pressure from the core of black holes was so intense that finite matter condensed into zones that they call “singularities.”  However, according to them, there was no God who created gravity, black holes, matter, or the “singularities.”  It all just accidentally occurred, they think, but they have no proof.

   One of the “singularities,” atheistic evolutionists imagine, became a very small and very hot dot that was extremely dense.  It began to expand and cool.  Some theorize that pieces broke off and became stars.  Others theorize that it exploded and the pieces formed the stars.  Some theorize that the stars exploded and formed planets and moons.  However, there is no proof, just imagined occurrences. The Universe and the Solar System are so wondrously and purposefully formed! How could anyone doubt that there was not a magnificent Intelligent Designer, God, in control of the Creation?

   Most science books give the following as evidence to support the Big Bang theory;

A. The universe must have had a beginning.  (That is a thought, not evidence. I wonder how they think there was a beginning without a Creator to start all that creating and all those occurrences?)

B. Hubble believed that he observed the expansion of the universe through his telescope.  So, he concluded that it must have once been compact.  (I wonder how all that expanding and contracting happened without the Creator working it? Atheists must believe in magic.)

C. Some radioastronomers discovered Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation in the universe. They believe it is the remnant of the great amount of heat from the “singularity” or little dot that expanded to become our universe.  (Where do they think the microwave radiation came from?  How do they know there was a little dot that expanded? They don’t have any proof, just assumptions from weird imaginings.)

D. Some astrophysicists believe that light elements like Helium and Hydrogen in the universe support the Big Bang Theory.  (Why? They have an assumption about the universe expanding.  Do they every wonder about who created Helium and Hydrogen?  No, because they theorize that it just accidentally formed. This type of thinking isn’t even logical.  Don’t they know about the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics?  These laws ).

   Einstein invented the Theory of Relativity. Concepts about the theory involve the measurement of velocities in relationship to time and space that can dilate. He believed that space and time should be considered together, and that the speed of light was invariant. According to Einstein a light year was a unit of measure, and not an actual time year.  He believed that light would bend in the presence of a gravitational field.  He also believed that rotating masses “drag along” the spacetime around them. Einstein theorized that clocks run more slowly in deeper gravitational wells. He developed field equations that related the curvature of spacetime with mass, energy, and momentum. ( Time, space, gravity, and matter were created by the Almighty God.  They did not just accidentally occur in the universe.  It would be foolish to believe that they did. The Supreme Being – GOD, created time, space, all matter, and gravity.  He is the Master of all things.  God is not controlled by the boundaries and rules of time, or space, or matter, or gravity or any other force of creation that mankind has to obey.  God created those things and He  is not controlled by them.  God is in control.  It seems that some humans want to reduce God to the limitations of mankind.  If it were possible for mankind to created anything, it would probably take him billions of years to form something.  However, the Almighty God, spoke and the universe was created.  God spoke and all things were created in six days, because He is God.  God is not limited by time, space, or matter, should not be judged by man’s standards.  Mankind needs to remember his place, and realize that he is a creation in subjection to the Creator.  We human beings should stand in awe at the creation of the mighty hand of the Great Creator God.  It is absurd to look at God’s magnificent handiwork and declare that there is no God.)

2.  The Theory of Darwinian Evolution

   Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists have a theory that as the Earth cooled from it’s heated condition, after being expelled from the exploding Sun, it began to revolve around the Sun. (Do these evolutionists ever wonder that there had to be an Intelligent Designer God, who created gravity, magnetism, and centrifugal force to keep the stars, planets, solar system and universe in place?  Of course not, they believe that everything just accidentally formed over billions of years.  Since they don’t have any proof for their theory, they had to invent billions of years to excuse their lack of proof.  They are elitists, who think they have all the answers.  The evolutionists try to make us believe that their theories, based upon assumptions, are as good as facts.  They must believe that they are masters of the universe who don’t need to back up their so called science with evidence.)


   According to the Atheistic Darwinian Evolutionists, it rained on the rocks for billions of years. (Where did the rain come from? There was no oxygen, because there were no plants to give it off.) Magically the rain on the rocks was supposed to spark life. ( Has it ever been observed or recorded that inanimate rocks produced life? No!) Then the spark of life formed a living cell.  There are fantastic imaginative charts in school textbooks that show one strain of the cells shoot off to form plant life, and the other strain shoots off to form animal life.  The plant life charts show the imaginative forms of all species of plants evolving from one specie of plant.  The animal life charts demonstrate the theory that all animals evolved from one animal specie then morphed into other species.  The next animal chart is super fairy tale.  It shows how the fish specie morphed into the amphibian specie, then the amphibian specie morphed into the reptile specie, next the reptile specie morphed into the bird specie and the mammal specie.  (It has never been observed or recorded that one specie morphed into another specie. Species can mutate or become hybrid.  However, they are still the same specie, and have not become another specie.  Different species cannot crossbreed.  Horses and cats cannot breed.  Grain and fruit trees cannot be crossed.  Humans and apes cannot crossbreed.  The most insulting chart in the textbooks is the evolution of apes to mankind, which is a total lie of Satan that does not have a shred of evidence.  There has never been an ape man or a missing link, but there have been many hoaxes perpetrated by evolutionist that have been exposed. According to atheistic Darwinian evolution one specie became another specie.  This is a deception without any proof.  There are no transitional fossils anywhere in the world to be found.  So, the evolutionists try to validate their unproven assumptions with their charts and artists’ drawings of ape men. After three generations of indoctrination, the general public has accepted the lie.

   The Big Bang Theory, and the Theory of Darwinian Evolution are built upon conglomerations of unproven assumption.  They are assumptions built upon assumptions, that support assumptions that depend upon other assumptions.  Claims of new discoveries are validated by old assumptions, and then piled onto the mountains of deceptive assumptions that claim to be factual science.  For example, the discovery of previously unknown stars, planets, comets, asteroids or other universes have been described as being billions of years old.  How do the evolutionists know this.  They don’t, but they have  theories based upon other theories, that are all dependent upon  assumptions.  This massive community of theories are then presented to the public as absolute truth.  Theories are not truths.  Assumptions are conclusions drawn from assuming   Assumed ideas are opinions, and they are not proven facts.  We should not let ourselves or our children be deceived into believing the weird assumptions of those who do not believe in the Great Creator God, the Holy Bible, or the Lord Jesus Christ.

The atheistic theory of Darwinian evolution is sucking the souls out of our children.  The theory is taught as a fact in public school textbooks and by teachers who believe the lie.  Young people are presented with a theory that eliminates the Creator, and their place in creation as a human being created in the image of God.  Students are taught that they are just another animal that evolved from an ape.  There is no proof to substantiate that theory, and there never will be. If human beings are animals without a soul, then why should they follow the morals of a mythological god?  Why should they believe that they have an eternal soul that needs to choose between good and evil?  Why should they repent of their sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who brings them everlasting life in the glorious Kingdom of God? Satan is using atheistic Darwinian evolution to suck the souls out of our children, and tempt them to believe that they are mere animals.  Christians need to object to such indoctrination in schools. The educational system needs to learn the difference between a theory and a fact.