The city of Lake Ozark should meet all of the requirements of a consent judgment relating to a 2007 sewer spill well ahead of schedule.

The city of Lake Ozark should meet all of the requirements of a consent judgment relating to a 2007 sewer spill well ahead of schedule.

The board of aldermen Tuesday night approved a resolution authorizing an application to the DNR's State Revolving Fund program for $2.7 million for repairs and upgrades to the city's sanitary sewer system.

"This is the first step of many leading to the completion of the sewer project and meeting the requirements of the consent judgment," City Administrator Dave Van Dee told the board.

The city has until 2015 to complete the court-ordered upgrades, but anticipates the project should be complete by the middle of next year.

On Sept. 11, 2007, DNR staff observed that a lift station was experiencing a bypass, resulting in a discharge of 10,000 to 15,000 gallons of raw sewage into the lake. DNR staff noted that the sewage caused a dark plume in the water at the Lake of the Ozarks.

DNR notified the city of the bypass, and the city responded and stopped the flow, but conducted no clean up and provided no written notification of the bypass.

As a result, the city was fined $50,000 and was given three years to complete repairs and upgrades to its sewer system.

CID delayed

Completion of a public hearing regarding an application by RIS, Inc., for a Community Improvement District at Eagle's Landing was continued once again.

The hearing was opened during the March 19 regular board of aldermen meeting, giving the public an opportunity to comment on the request for a 1-cent increase in sales tax on certain properties within Eagles' Landing.

The additional funds would be used to help pay debt and improvements associated with the development.

However, aldermen raised questions about the length of CID relative to the Tax Increment Financing project. And aldermen wondered if a half-cent sales tax hike within the CID might be more palatable when compared to other sales tax rates in the lake area.

Doug Stone, attorney for RIS, was to work with Roger Gibbons, the Lake Ozark city attorney, on revisions to the application. However, Stone and Gibbons have not worked out details so the hearing was scheduled to reconvene at the April 23 meeting.

Car Show

Aldermen approved a Special Use Permit from the Bagnell Dam Strip Association for the Magic Dragon Street Meet May 9-12.

Alan Sullivan, chairman of the Street Meet project, told the board more than 600 vehicles have registered so far. He said barricades blocking off Bagnell Dam Blvd. would be moved from School Road to Henderson Road to allow more room for vehicles to set up and to alleviate potential traffic problems.

Special hot pink tags will be issued to anyone wanting to use Flynn Road during the day.

The GenX Car Show, part of the overall event, would be moved to the former Carl's Market parking lot on Bagnell Dam Blvd. It's previously been set up in the Hy-Vee/Target area.

Aldermen agreed to the changes.

Swearing In

One new board member and three re-elected officials were given the oath of office by City Clerk Rachel Kelley.

Sworn in were Betsey Browning, the new Ward 3 alderman who unseated incumbent Todd Painter; Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos, who defeated challenger Paul Sale for mayor; and Ward 1 alderman Tony Otto and Ward 2 alderman Judy Neels, both of whom were unopposed.