Waynesville, Mo. - Two talented teams facing off for Ozark Conference bragging rights in a physical contest; this match promised to be a good one. And the two teams didn't disappoint.

Camdenton controlled the ball for the majority of the first half in the back-and-forth match before Whitney Snow struck first on a 15-yard bullet from the left of the goalie box that rolled just underneath Waynesville keeper Lesley Larson to give Camdenton the match's first lead, 1-0 with just over twenty minutes left on the clock.

The latter portion of the half ended in a physical stalemate as bodies from both teams were continually hitting the turf, but Waynesville senior Rhiannon Moore nearly tied the game with a hard shot that ricocheted off the right post.

Camdenton gathered momentum by outshooting the Lady Tigers 9-1 in the first half, including two shots, one on goal, with less than two minutes remaining in the period.

Waynesville controlled the ball for much of the second half and nearly scored twice on shots by Moore, but the Lakers' keeper made spectacular saves to keep her team ahead.

The stalemate then continued through the 27-minute mark when Camdenton struck again, this time on a sneaky shot from the right of goal by Miriam Taylor to take a staggering 2-0 lead.

Camdenton's defense held, however, and it wasn't until less than two minutes remained when Lady Tigers' Camia Blash netted a high-arcing 20-yard shot over the Camdenton keeper for Waynesville's first goal to finally cut into the Laker's lead.

The score was little too late for the Lady Tigers as Camdenton retained possession to end the Waynesville winning streak, and the game, 2-1.

Camdenton's two goals were the most allowed by Waynesville in 2013.

The Lady Lakers return to action Thursday night when they travel to Jefferson City to take on the Jays.