Board of Aldermen actions

Disc golf is coming to Osage Beach.

Aldermen agreed to allow the Flying Dragon Disc Golf Club to build an 18-hole disc golf course in the City Park on Osage Beach Parkway.

Several members of the club were on hand as spokesman Gary Braman outlined plans for the course, which would be in the area of the fishing pond. The club had a display showing how the course would be laid out.

He said the first nine holes would be built this spring, with the rest next fall or next spring.

Disc golf is similar to regular golf but uses Frisbee-type discs tossed down a “fairway” (in this case cut through the timber) to a chain-link basket that sits about four feet off the ground. According to information supplied by Braman, there are now more than 2,500 disc golf courses in the United States and Canada, including Eldon, Camdenton, Laurie, Versailles and Lebanon in the lake area. As players progress from the “tee” to the “hole,” the trees, shrubs and terrain provide challenging obstacles.

Braman said the course will bring additional traffic to the pond, and will provide alternative recreation for families who might also be using the softball and soccer fields.


Aldermen approved a bill authorizing the mayor to sign a contract for the design of sidewalks along Osage Beach Parkway from Rt. KK to Nichols Road.

The city received transportation enhancement funds through the Missouri Department of Transportation. The design services will cost $43,029.68 with 80 percent of the cost covered by enhancement funds with the remainder ($8,605.94) covered by city funds.

Alderman Fred Catcott urged the city to set aside funds for the expansion of sidewalks east of the Grand Glaize Bridge as well. He said near his office he sees a wheelchair-bound individual forced to travel in the street.

“We’ve got to find money for sidewalks on the other end of town,” he said.


The board continues to look seriously at renting space on at least one billboard to help promote business within the city.

City staff was asked to provide updated information on cost and locations of billboards that might be suitable for the city’s message. Rich Martin of Lamar Signs is working with the city.

Several aldermen have traveled the Expressway in search of signs with a good location. However, as of last week, none of the suitable signs was for rent.

“It’s critical to find the right signs and sizes,” Alderman John Olivarri said. “Some of the signs get lost among the other signs. If we can’t find the right location, maybe we should consider an electronic sign.”

After considerable discussion, the board decided it had more questions than answers, but wants to pursue the concept.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Olivarri said.

The city wants to have a visible presence toward the east and west ends of the city to tell motorists that Osage Beach has a variety of business opportunities. No specific businesses will be listed, but rather a synopsis of business types.

According to Martin, the cost to the city for a standard vinyl sign would be about $750 per month, while a digital sign would cost about $1,500 a month.

Other business

The board also:

•Approved second and final reading of an ordinance establishing a collective bargaining process for city employees.

•Approved the preliminary and final plats for Bella Harbor Subdivision which is about 600 feet off Zebra Road on Harbor Heights Road. The subdivision calls for the construction of single-family residences on about 2.94 acres of land. Terry Ross is the applicant.

•Authorized the engineering and contract administration services to the Osage Beach Special Road District for the construction Coral Lane.