After a third place finish at Lebanon last week, the Camdenton Lakers' golf team has been on a roll The team has been playing at a high level, led by three freshmen. Camdenton was led by Braden Denmark, who shot a 79, who also had the tournament's lowest round of golf with a 37 on the back nine.

In their Tuesday match, the Lakers continued to play at a high and consistent level, winning the match against Farmington 164-172. Both freshmen Michael Hake and Braden DeMark tied with a score of 40 to medal, while Mason Bennett and Seth Crockett also tied with a 42.

On Wednesday, the team finished fourth in the Farmington Tournament with a team score of 335. Cape Notre Dame took first with a 309. Crockett finished with an 81, finishing tenth overall individually, while DeMark finished with an 82, Hake with an 84 and Bennett with an 88.

On Monday, April 8, the team traveled to Sedalia to take part in the Smith-Cotton Classic. Despite shooting consistently once again, the team finished seventh with a 321. DeMark once again led the Lakers with a 78, followed by Crockett with an 80, Bennett with an 81 and Hake with an 82.

Despite all of the weather that has been less than friendly to the golf teams, Camdenton has been fortunate so far.

"It's been brutally cold," Coach Todd Nicklas said. "When it's this cold, it affects ball distance, and forces you to recalculate everything, and it really becomes a mental game at that point. It's not great golf weather."

Prior to their first tournament, the team had only played on the green five times, and spent their practices sharing the gym with the baseball team, using the indoor nets.

Coach Todd Nicklas and team have been prepared, though, hitting since February. Nicklas says the team has been progressing very well, despite their youth.

"We're just trying to put together the right five guys," Nicklas said. "We need to work on our short game, but we're a very competitive team. These boys don't like to lose. They want the win."

With three freshman playing at a high level, the team is looking to be competitive at the next level already. Camdenton standout golfer Mason Bennett now has Michael Hake, Seth Crockett and Braden DeMark combining with him to push the team.

Hake, Crockett and DeMark don't have a lot of experience playing at the high school level, but they have a lot of tournament experience.

With the team consistently putting up strong numbers, Coach Nicklas likes their chances. Taking his advice of playing smart has shaped up the team very well, and the team is learning to minimize the risks of big numbers by weighing their options on the green.

Monday, April 1: Lebanon Tournament
Team Total: 340
Mason Bennett 41 45 — 86
Louis Brother 47 53 — 100
Seth Crockett 46 45 — 91
Braden Denmark 42 37 — 79
Michael Hake 41 43 — 84

Team Total (Team II): 407
Trevor Johnson 49 59 — 108
Brendon Babbs 49 47 — 96
Dakota Brewer 56 56 — 112
Nick Weber 58 59 — 117
Caleb Crockett 45 46 — 91

Tuesday, April 2: Farmington Match
Team Total: 164
Braden DeMark – 40 - tie match medalist
Michael Hake – 40 - tie mm
Mason Bennett – 42
Seth Crockett – 42

Wednesday, April 3: Farmington Tournament
Team Total: 335
Seth Crockett – 81 - 10th place individual
Braden DeMark – 82
Michael Hake – 84
Mason Bennett – 88

Monday, April 8: 7th place finish at Smith-Cotton Classic
Team Total: 321
Braden Demark - 78
Seth Crockett - 80
Mason Bennett- 81
Michael Hake - 82