The Osage Indians golf team hosted Fulton, Lincoln and Hallsville at Dogwood on Tuesday afternoon.

"The weather was a little chilly but it was still the best weather we've had so far this year," Coach L.J. Weeks said. "The boys had a good day as both the varsity and JV won. It's great to get that first win of the year. Hopefully we will get into the groove and keep this going."

The varsity team has a busy week ahead of them, as the played at Eldon Country Club on Wednesday in the County Cup Tourney. The Indians then have another home meet on Thursday at 4 p.m. and will end the week with the first annual Indian Invitational on Friday. The Invitational will have 12 other schools coming in, including some from St. Louis, Fayette, and Ridgecrest. Coach Weeks invites everyone to come out to Dogwood Hills for the event.

Varsity Scores
Osage 191
Fulton: 199
Hallsville: 206
Lincoln: 223

Matt Lehenbauer: 46
Skyler Slack: 54
Michael Crosby: 47
Austin Hansen: 48
Zach Curran: 50

JV Scores
Osage: 210
Hallsville: 225
Lincoln: 240
Fulton: 256

Jack Laducer: 53
Jake Ulmer: 57
Jon Williams: 47
Garrett Lynch: 55
Greg Crosby: 55