1 Cheers to
Camdenton baseball, who had an excellent against Richland, picking up a 16-1 win.

2 Cheers to
lake area realtor Bobbi Bash for being named one of the Top 50 Missourians to know by a Kansas City magazine. Congratulations Bobbi!

3 Cheers to
volunteers in the Lake Road Cleanup campaign for taking an active part in keeping our community in pristine shape.

1 Jeers to
people who chose not to exercise their right to vote on Tuesday, especially in an election that has a more direct impact on the communities we call home. Why people bother to vote in national elections and not local elections is inexplicable.

2 Jeers to
people crying foul on Camden County’s nonexistant Economic Enterprise Zone. Let’s not get bent out of shape before anything happens. The EEZ is merely in an exploratory stage.