Camdenton may not have had school on Thursday due to spring break, but the Lakers' baseball team took the opportunity of the nice weather to host some baseball games in an effort to make up some games and shake off the rust after being held off the field for over a week.

With the sun shining for the first time in days, the Lakers hit the field to welcome the Richland Bears in their third game of the season.

Junior Jordan Webster took the mound for Camdenton, and between his pitching, solid defensive play and a stellar day batting at the plate by Camdenton's squad, the Lakers emerged with a 16-1 win over the Bears.

Webster started the game off by throwing two balls and allowing a hit from Richland's Dawson Andrews, which was promptly caught by Tristan Starkey.

Webster quickly shook it off, however, striking out the next two hitters to send Camdenton back to the dugout for their turn at bat.

Coach Matt Moulder said earlier in the season that he thought his team could hit better than they have in their previous games, and in this matchup, his team happily obliged.

Sophomore Jake Decker led off the lineup, and was walked onto first. Senior Cory Simpson took the plate next, and his fly to third was caught, while Decker advanced to second base. With Tyler Cunningham at bat next, the Lakers held their breath as he battled with the pitcher before sending a long ball out to centerfield, where the outfielder couldn't reach the ball quickly enough, allowing Cunningham a double.

With Decker on third and Cunningham on second, sophomore first baseman John McRoberts headed to the plate, where he promptly sent the ball down the right foul line, with the ball somehow managing to stay fair the whole way for a double, and sending in both runners to score.

The Lakers would continue to get on base, but could not send anyone home, finishing out the first inning with a 2-0 lead.

The Bears' second inning went by even quicker than the first, with Webster striking out the first batter and the next two batters hitting the ball to right field where Dylan Hymes calmly waited for the ball to land in his glove for the last two outs.

If there was any hope of catching up with the Lakers after the first inning, it was all but destroyed in the bottom of the second as Camdenton scored a whopping eight runs before the Bears could finally rein in the Lakers for three outs. Back-to back triples from Cunningham and McRoberts gave Camdenton a 5-0 lead after Starkey tagged up to score, while Hymes' hit to centerfield sent another two runners home.

Leading 10-0, Coach Moulder told his team it was time to lay the hammer down and to not get comfortable with the lead.

Once again, the Lakers responded. Webster accounted for all three outs in the third inning, as his first pitch was hit directly back to him, which he immediately threw to first for the out. He finished it out by striking out the next two batters, holding on to the shutout.

After a hit from McRoberts, the Lakers' offense stalled, until catcher Jake Voorhees finally sent a ball over the shortstop's head to send McRoberts home for an 11-0 lead before the end of the third.

The Bears finally found a way to hit in the top of the fourth, and were able to score a run on a hit from Zayne McNeil to second base before Webster got the third out with another strikeout.

The Lakers would tack on five more runs in the bottom of the fourth for a 16-1 lead, before Coach Moulder would send in Kyle Rizer to pitch the fifth. Despite a slow start, walking the first two batters, Rizer found his rhythm, striking out the next two batters before the last out came as a Richland runner was called out for interference, ending the game.

The Lakers later played the Eugene Eagles that afternoon, falling in a 7-5 loss, putting the Lakers 2-2 on the season.

Camdenton will now prepare for their road game against Helias on Monday, April 1 before facing Glendale on the 2nd and Waynesville on the 4th at home.