A minority on the school board has made the Camdenton School District an intolerable place to work.

What is going on here?

A minority on the school board has made the Camdenton School District an intolerable place to work.  They have engaged in obstructionism during their campaign to devalue our district.  They have micro managed teachers and administration, creating a toxic work environment and an undesirable post by many in education.  The actions of the LACC Three shouldn’t be surprising.  Dismantling public education lies at the heart of their ultra-conservative dogma.

Neither should the actions of Darin Keim be surprising. 

His plagiarism is indicative of the lengths Keim and the LACC will go to in order to win office.  That Keim issued an apology, after being caught in his lie, is certainly warranted.  That he issued excuses for his behavior is not.  He attempted to claim the thoughts he stole to be like his own, therefore we should understand that he made a mistake.  There was no mistake here.  It was not an error.

Teachers, staff members and administration are looking closely at the April election, as well as events taking place around the state and in Jefferson City. 

When asked about the environment in Camdenton, one source close to the issue said:

“I would but I have a lot of concern based on a petition filed with the state. There are people gathering signatures (across the state) to make a ballot measure to remove teacher tenure. If that were to be approved and I were to speak my mind and certain people were elected…a lot of what ifs…that could end badly for me.”

I would say this. I would hope that any person serving on the board would be knowledgable about the laws governing the schools. They should know the history of the laws (the US Dept of Education and MO State Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education) and how they apply to the state and our district.

To the plagiarism issue, well, the paper had it right. A student would receive an F for the assignment, if not fail the class. A college student would probably be expelled. A professional writing for an academic journal would lose all credibility.”

The same people who would circulate a petition to remove teacher tenure are the same people who would like to see public education turn into a corporate free-for-all. 

The Missouri State Legislature has been promoting the privatization of education all session.  They want to have schools graded by a letter system, they have shortened the time it takes to close a district, the list goes on. 

The anti-union agenda has hurt the teacher’s ability to fight back against this affront to our education system.  The LACC Three’s agenda has hurt our district.

If Keim is elected and Besancenez is re-elected, we will have given the lunatic fringe control over our most prized resource: our school district. 

To allow that to happen is a betrayal of our children, our community and our neighbors.  It is an attack on our identity as a community and our reputation as a good place to raise a family.

Keim, whose plagiarism is framed by a bullish temperament, sets the worst kind of example for our children.  This is not a candidate anyone would support for any reason other than political loyalty. 

It is nice to see all of those who align themselves with this agenda putting up a fresh round of big Keim signs.  It identifies you clearly as supportive of the destruction of our district’s “crown jewel” to quote Dan Field of the Lake Sun.  We all appreciate it.

Our school is the home front.  It is where we all come together and leave our banners on the sidelines. 

Together, this community will stand and reject these principles and this agenda because we recognize it as a threat to our kids.  Together, we will stand up for what is right, for our children and our district.

We cannot risk the alternative.