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  • Lake view: Camden County P&Z passing the buck

  • Last month I attended a Planning and Zoning meeting. The Board was hearing public comment on the Article 600 revisions.
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  • Last month I attended a Planning and Zoning meeting. The Board was hearing public comment on the Article 600 revisions.
    The meeting room was packed with at the least 100 people. I would say that 95% were there in opposition of the article 600 revisions. The board listened to the comments, and said they would take them into consideration. Jerry Carroll even thanked those who did come and speak for taking the time to get involved in the process.
    Another P&Z board meeting and on the agenda there is to be discussion on the article 600 revisions. First there is not one change to the 600 revisions. NONE! Even though they heard from the public they are to represent. They changed nothing! Then they voted to send it up to the commission. Did they do their job? No, they passed the buck. So all the praising the individuals for coming out and being part of the process really did not mean much to them. They decided that they would do nothing. When what was required of them was to act upon what their constituents wanted, even voiced in last months meeting. They passed the buck and the residents were short changed, bottom line.
    Mr. Arnsmeyer a little word of advice. I would make sure the microphone was not on when you were intending to speak in private. I would also remind you that, according to Mr. Hathaway they discourage the board to talk about things within the P&Z to John Q Public. You are now a part of John Q Public and that means that the sitting board members need to work things out amongst themselves, and not have a back seat driver. The commissioners appointed these individuals, and they hand picked them because of the thought that they do bring knowledge and experience to the table. If you want you have the opportunity to speak with the individual who represents your township.
    I am sure that you have had the opportunity to speak with her in the past. In closing I was extremely disappointed with the P&Z Board. The reason for this is they were not forced to sit on the board. They were asked and they accepted. They accepted the position, and the responsibility. This last meeting lacked, representation and all of those who said yea to passing it to the commission you need to own the fact that you did not represent your townships.
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